Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Musings...

A month's worth of stuff to discuss, I've got some quick musings on the Falcons/Hawks/Braves before tomorrows blog on the "Atlanta Sports Fan." 

The draft is shaping up and the Birds did just what they needed to...shore up the secondary and bulk up with size and toughness on the OL.  The team clearly needed some new bodies on the OL after the 24-2 debacle, and the additions of Konz (immediate starter) and Holmes will definitely help.   Here is how I see the OL shaping up...


That is how they will probably start going into the pre-season, with the hopes that Manuwai, Holmes, Baker, and maybe some other guys step up in the competition for playing time.   Samuel gives the secondary a great nickel back that can make plays.  On offense, the team needs to find a way to effectively run the ball against good teams and get the ball to their big-play WRs.  Overall, I like the off-season, much better than using all cap space on Mario Williams...

The Hawks have a difficult 1st round match-up, but with Rose banged up at least they avoid the Heat until a possible Conference Final showdown.  I think they can win the series, but not having Al and possibly not have ZaZa really hurts.  I do, however, like what Sund did with the bench this year after not bringing Jamal back.  They have a good mix of veterans, which has been good in a season where practice time has been limited.

NBA Playoff Predictions

Heat over Knicks
Bulls over 76ers
Hawks over Celtics
Pacers over Magic

Thunder over Mavs
Spurs over Jazz
Grizzlies over Clippers
Nuggets over Lakers

Heat over Pacers
Hawks over Bulls

Thunder over Nuggets
Grizzlies over Spurs

Heat over Thunder

The Braves are off to a terrific start, as most of the things they needed to start off strong have happened.  Chipper has played well and often, Heyward started strong, and the starters - especially Beachy & Minor have been spectacular.  If they hold up, I think they have pretty reliable veterans in Uggla, McCann, and Bourn and I think Freeman has shown he is a legit middle of the order hitter.  The bullpen is really good and I like this team...