Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Poll

At least Ohio State got caught lying and cheating so we don't have to have it shoved at us for 37 days that Ohio St-Notre Dame is the national championship game when we clearly saw the 2 best teams in the country play in the Georgia Dome Saturday afternoon.  But I digress...

Notice that Ohio State has dropped this week even without playing as the team they beat that was their signature win gave up 70 to a 5-loss team that couldn't move the ball on Utah State.  Sorry Buckeyes, the 11 teams ahead of you would have been 12-0 too with that schedule (no top 20 teams) and you lie and cheat.  Now I digress...

1.  Alabama
2.  Notre Dame
3.  Georgia
4.  Florida
5.  Oregon
6.  LSU
7.  Texas A&M
8.  South Carolina
9.  Kansas St
10. Stanford
11. Oklahoma
12. Ohio St
13. Florida St
14. Oregon St
15. UCLA
16. Vanderbilt
17. Texas
18. Clemson
19. Nebraska
20. Michigan
21. Northwestern
22. Penn St
23. Mississippi St
24. Wisconsin
25. Oklahoma St