Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost December...

Well, the college football season is almost complete and we are starting to get some decent college basketball matchups. That can only mean that December is upon us. Texas Tech is now officially out of the picture for the BCS title after last night's debacle...or are they? Oklahoma has to travel to OSU next week where things are never easy and if OSU pulls an upset, TT will only have to beat Baylor to win the Big 12 South. A win over Missouri in the title game will probably be enough to get the Red Raiders another shot.

If Oklahoma does win next week, the dreaded BCS standing will determine the Big 12 South champ. That means the human polls will have a lot to say which is probably why Bob Stoops is already lobbying for his guys to be ranked highest. How do you determine the rankings for these 3 teams? You certainly can't put TT ahead of Oklahoma after what we just saw...but, can you put Oklahoma ahead of Texas, who they beat soundly on a neutral field? I think Texas is still the choice, having only lost their lead to TT in the final second - and, they were on the road that night and were playing out a brutal 4 game stretch. Oklahoma will argue they are playing the best right now and point to non-conference wins over TCU and Cincinnati, but the RRS loss is too much to overcome in my opinion - some will certainly disagree, which makes the release of the new polls very interesting today...

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. USC
6. Texas Tech
7. Penn State
8. UGA
9. Ohio State
10. Utah
11. Boise State
12. Oklahoma State
13. Missouri
14. Oregon
15. Ball State
16. Cincinnati
17. Oregon State
18. TCU
19. Michigan State
20. Georgia Tech
21. Boston College
22. West Virginia
23. Northwestern
24. BYU
25. Ole Miss

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I learned...

Things I learned yesterday...

1) The Hawks need Josh Smith back ASAP
2) There is a TON of national "love" for the Falcons
3) The Florida Gators football team can not be stopped
4) USC's defense can give up TD's
5) UGA is not an elite team, but if 9-2 (6-2) is a down year...WOW
6) Any football game involving 2 ACC schools is a crapshoot
7) The CFB team with the most wins this year over ranked teams? Maryland
8) Maryland may be the best team in the ACC and started the year by losing to MTSU, who is 4-6
9) The Georgia State hoops team needs to take their game to a new level - and quickly
10) Oklahoma vs Texas Tech next week is going to be sweet - but, the SECCG will be better

Ranking 'em again...

1) Alabama
2) Texas Tech
3) Florida
4) Texas
5) Oklahoma
6) USC
7) Penn St
8) UGA
9) Ohio St
10) Utah
11) Boise St
12) Oklahoma St
13) Missouri
14) Michigan St
15) Oregon
16) Ball St
17) LSU
18) TCU
19) Cincinnati
20) BYU
21) Miami
22) Oregon St
23) Maryland
24) Pittsburgh
25) North Carolina

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All of a sudden I live in Winnersville?

What is going on with the local teams? The Hawks are currently 6-0 and are up on the defending world champs by 11 on their court in the 2nd quarter. The Falcons are 6-3 and are in the playoff chase in a season where nobody thought they could avoid a 3-4 win season. The Braves are close to acquiring a front-line starting pitcher and even the Thrashers are playing well...

The Hawks and Falcons, however, are receiving the bulk of my attention. The high flying, rim shaking Hawks actually look like they want to play defense, hold leads, and are winning without Josh Smith and poor JJ performances! Who knew?

The Falcons are amazingly having a wonderful season. Matt Ryan is no longer a good draft pick. He is a slam dunk, franchise, future Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl level quarterback. We have a STUD wide receiver in Roddy White, solid OL, and a DE that gets incredible pressure on opposing QB's.

Plus, if the Birds make the playoffs as say a #6 seed, travelling to Arizona is about as scary as "The Happening." Could it be??? A game to get in the NFC Championship??? Wow...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

College Football Thoughts...

Another crazy Saturday saw Penn St finally get exposed, Bama squeak out another win, and UGA give up a bunch of TD's again. I guess when your team gives up 125 points in 3 games, you should be happy they won 2 of them. However, the lack of speed and physicality on D is certainly a concern for UGA - I don't see them winning at Auburn and beating GT. One of two seems likely...

The new Top 25 will be interesting now that Texas Tech has won again. That TT at OU game will be huge for the BCS. Texas could realistically finish 11-1 (7-1) and in a 3 way tie for 1st in the Big 12 South and not advance to the Big 12 Championship Game because of a tie-breaker - BCS ranking. The computers love OU and a win over unbeaten TT would certainly put the Sooners ahead of Texas - as wrong as that is...

Another thing that concerns me - USC still considers itself a BCS Title contender even though Oregon St controls its own destiny for the Pac-10 title. After UGA heard all the "you don't deserve consideration for the BCS title game if you don't win your conference" argument last year, will USC receive similar treatment?

Furthermore, what if Mizzou beats OU in the Big 12 title game? Will Texas face the SEC Champ? They should, but we are back to the conference champion argument again. Is there a scenario that puts Penn St back in the game? I sure hope not...

1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma
6. USC
7. Penn St
8. UGA
9. Ohio St
10. Utah
11. Boise St
12. Oklahoma St
13. Missouri
14. Ball St
15. North Carolina
16. Michigan St
17. LSU
18. South Carolina
19. TCU
20. BYU
21. Florida St
22. Oregon
23. Cincinnati
24. Pittsburgh
25. California

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Florida in good shape...

Tony Barnhardt of CBS and the AJC says that the most over-rated thing in all of sports is college football national championships. So much luck goes into getting to the BCS title game and Auburn will be the first to tell you that winning all your games isn't always good enough. Just look at LSU's two national titles this decade - they lost 1 game in 2003 and 2 games last year but had all the cards fall into place both times to give them their shot. In 2006, USC lost to UCLA as huge favorites allowing Florida to get a shot at their title. The 2002 UGA team was a mirror image of 2006 Florida - the only difference being that Michigan's last ditch throw on 4th down against Ohio State fell incomplete, allowing Ohio State to play Miami that year instead of the Dawgs.

It is hard for me to not openly root for one of these BCS titles. Mark Richt has the UGA program at the highest level but will never get full respect until the stars align one year and they win a national championship. He has UGA - even after the loss yesterday - well on the way to their 6th top 10 finish the last 7 years. Those 7 years also produced six 10 win seasons. Florida, in that same stretch, has just one 10 win season - 2006.

You would never know it by watching ESPN, but which program do you think has been more successful in recent history?


2002 - 13-1
2003 - 11-3
2004 - 10-2
2005 - 10-3
2006 - 9-4
2007 - 11-2
2008 - 7-2


2002 - 8-5
2003 - 8-5
2004 - 7-5
2005 - 9-3
2006 - 13-1
2007 - 9-4
2008 - 8-1

Time to move on now, another season without a title is all but assured. Lets place our ballot for the top 25 this week...

1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Penn State
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma
6. Texas
7. Oklahoma State
8. USC
9. UGA
10. Ohio State
11. Missouri
12. Boise State
13. TCU
14. Utah
15. Ball State
16. LSU
17. Kansas
18. California
19. Maryland
20. Georgia Tech
21. North Carolina
22. Florida State
23. West Virginia
24. South Carolina
25. BYU