Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All of a sudden I live in Winnersville?

What is going on with the local teams? The Hawks are currently 6-0 and are up on the defending world champs by 11 on their court in the 2nd quarter. The Falcons are 6-3 and are in the playoff chase in a season where nobody thought they could avoid a 3-4 win season. The Braves are close to acquiring a front-line starting pitcher and even the Thrashers are playing well...

The Hawks and Falcons, however, are receiving the bulk of my attention. The high flying, rim shaking Hawks actually look like they want to play defense, hold leads, and are winning without Josh Smith and poor JJ performances! Who knew?

The Falcons are amazingly having a wonderful season. Matt Ryan is no longer a good draft pick. He is a slam dunk, franchise, future Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl level quarterback. We have a STUD wide receiver in Roddy White, solid OL, and a DE that gets incredible pressure on opposing QB's.

Plus, if the Birds make the playoffs as say a #6 seed, travelling to Arizona is about as scary as "The Happening." Could it be??? A game to get in the NFC Championship??? Wow...

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