Sunday, November 25, 2012

BCS Predictions and Final Heisman Ballot

Well, the Irish squashed any further controversy over who will play for the BCS Title, but will have to wait 43 days before they can play the winner of the SEC Title Game.  K-State can win the Big 12 with a win over Texas or an Oklahoma loss at TCU.  Rutgers can clinch the Big East with a win over Louisville Thursday, but Louisville and Cincinnati are still in play if Louisville can win.  The ACC, Pac 12, and Big 10 Championship games are this week, and Florida and Oregon just about locked up at-large spots. is what we are looking at as far as potential BCS match-ups...

BCS Title Game

Notre Dame vs Alabama/Georgia

Sugar Bowl

Florida vs Oklahoma

Rose Bowl

Stanford vs Nebraska

Fiesta Bowl

Oregon vs Kansas State

Orange Bowl

Florida State vs Rutgers

Final Heisman Ballot

1.  Johnny Manziel
2.  Braxton Miller
3.  Marquise Lee
4.  Colin Klein
5.  Manti T'eo

Poll Leading up to Championship Saturday

1.   Notre Dame
2.   Alabama
3.   Georgia
4.   Florida
5.   Oregon
6.   Kansas State
7.   LSU
8.   South Carolina
9.   Ohio St
10. Texas A&M
11. Stanford
12. Oklahoma
13. Nebraska
14. UCLA
15. Florida St
16. Oregon St
17. Michigan
18. Northwestern
19. Vanderbilt
20. Texas
21. Clemson
22. Penn St
23. Mississippi St
24  Oklahoma St
25. TCU

Sunday, November 18, 2012

BCS Chaos and Heisman update

Just when you think you've got it figured out, college football happens.  The pressure of being in those top two spots coupled with a strong Stanford D/no show by K-State D has completely changed the BCS for the 2012 season.

Now, the front runners to get to Miami are Notre Dame, the lone unbeaten team, and the SEC Champion.  But, there are obstacles as always.  The Irish must get by USC and the SEC teams must get by their main rivals, which won't be easy now that the BCS pressure is on all 3 teams.

Should ND slip up, the SEC Champ could have a variety of possible opponents, including Oregon, Florida State, or Kansas State.  Too bad Ohio State lies and cheats or they'd be in prime position this year.  Would have been a big story with Meyer going up against his former employer.

Florida State is going to have issues with their case because their loss is against a team that was blown out by an 0-7 SEC team.  K-State lost at home to a likely 5-6 win team.  Oregon still has a good shot in my opinion due to the value of a possible Civil War win and a top 20 UCLA team in the PAC-12 title game (if UCLA knocks off Stanford this week.)

Heisman Ballot for 11/18

1.  Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M
2.  Marquise Lee - USC
3.  Braxton Miller - Ohio State
4.  Colin Klein - Kansas State
5.  Jonathan Franklin -UCLA

Top 25 heading into rivalry week

1.  Notre Dame
2.  Alabama
3.  Georgia
4.  Oregon
5.  Florida
6.  LSU
7.  South Carolina
8.  Ohio State
9.  Kansas State
10. Texas A&M
11. Florida State
12. Clemson
13. Oklahoma
14. Stanford
15. UCLA
16. Oregon State
17. Nebraska
18. Texas
19. Oklahoma State
20. Michigan
21. Mississippi State
22. Northwestern
23. Rutgers
24. Louisville
25. Washington

Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Title Picture

Well, the BCS Title game picture almost became more clear yesterday, but late comebacks by Alabama and Notre Dame kept the picture clouded.  Notre Dame seems to have 1 more hurdle to climb in USC, Bama has A&M/SEC title game, Oregon has Stanford/OSU/PAC-12 title game, and K-St has TCU and Texas.

The K-St season may hinge on Collin Klein's health this week. TCU is pretty good on D and has an athletic QB that could give their D problems.  I think Notre Dame is going to struggle keeping up with USC's offense, leaving the SEC champ to play Oregon if the Ducks can win out, which I think they will.

Consider this situation...

UGA wins out and meets unbeaten Bama in the Dome
K-St falls to TCU or Texas
Oregon loses to USC in PAC-12 title game
Notre Dame loses to USC

Who does the SEC winner play?  Not Oregon, a non-conference champ.  I think in this scenario there are 3 teams that could make a strong case.

1). 1-loss Conference champ K-St, especially if they lose with Klein not playing
2). Notre Dame, with several quality wins
3). Florida State, if they win out and capture the ACC and knock off the Gators

Who would get your vote?  It's K-St, regardless of the Klein situation in my opinion...

Poll for 11/4

1.   Alabama
2.   Oregon
3.   Kansas St
4.   Notre Dame
5.   Georgia
6.   Florida
7.   LSU
8.   South Carolina
9.   Ohio St
10. Florida St
11. Oregon St
12. Texas A&M
13.  Louisville
14. Clemson
15. Stanford
16. UCLA
17. Nebraska
18. Oklahoma
19. Mississippi St
20.  Texas
21.  Michigan
22.  USC
23.  Texas Tech
24.  Oklahoma St
25. TCU