Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mid week musings...

The Hawks on the road in the playoffs is tough to watch. They never match the home team's intensity, lose their cool, and look lost on both ends of the floor. I think Woody loses his composure and fails to adjust to in-game situations.

Josh is melting down mentally, get him out of the game.
Joe is hot, run some plays for him besides an iso (do we have any?)
Put West in to guard Jennings/Salmons for a while
Anything to look like we are attempting to keep the other team from having our way

These things aren't so evident at home because we do have the most intensity and that helps the team/coach remain calm. Which leads to the next problem..even if they advance, this team is out in 4-6 games against Orlando. They have a better version of Jennings, Salmons, Delfino, and K. Thomas. Read today the team is shopping their 1st round pick for cash to sign Joe...maybe he'll stay after all.

The Braves have got to do something in a hurry before a 5th consecutive year out of the post-season occurs. Is it worth it to try and acquire Adrian Gonzalez? Well, he is under contract for $4.75 million this year and $5.5 in 2011. After that, he will likely command a contract similar to what Ryan Howard just signed.

Chipper will be near retirement then, so the payroll may be there for that kind of move. Is there an issue with having Heyward, McCann, and Gonzo all being lefties? I don't see why it would be...What will it take to get him? A lot, because several teams have been after Gonzo since last year.

Freddie Freeman would be at the center of the deal. He would be the sell to the San Diegans as the replacement for Gonzo. They would also want our top arm in Julio Teheran. Outside of that, I am not sure what it would take to make the deal happen. If San Diego wants a major league position player, an interesting thought would be Nate McLouth.

Freeman/Teheran/McLouth for Adrian Gonzalez

That's a pretty steep price, but there is a chance SD would swap Teheran for someone like Randall Delgado or Craig Kimbrell. If the deal could be Freeman/Delgado/McLouth, I would do it in a second.


What about Glaus? I agree...who cares?

Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft stuff...

Interesting night last night as usual for the NFL Draft. I still hate the Thursday/Friday start with rounds 4-7 on Saturday. That noon to 10 pm run of the first 3 rounds on a Saturday was great. It is like moving all the NCAA Tournament hoops games to prime-time on Thursday and Friday and not having any afternoon games. Why ruin a great thing? (Money...)

Some good things that came out of last night...

1) The Falcons took a player that I am pleased with, as I anticipated. I was fine last night at #19 with trading down, taking a linebacker (Kindle/Spoon), or a receiver (Bryant/Thomas). I really like how we got the pick in after just a minute or two. It was apparent that TD knew who he wanted and couldn't wait to make the pick (The anti-Minnesota strategy).

2) The Redskins did what they had to do and took what they thought was the best offensive tackle. If you are going to give up picks for a veteran quarterback, you have to protect him.

3) My favorite part of the night - Jimmy Clausen not getting picked. My dislike for the Clausen family has been around for a while, and it started with big brother Casey. After losing to UGA as Tennessee's starting QB in 2001, Clausen could not play in the 2002 game, which UGA also won 18-13. After the game, Casey said the following:

"I could have played on one arm and we could have definitely beaten Georgia, but (the doctors) didn't want to risk it," Clausen said afterward. "If I had played that game we definitely would have won by at least two touchdowns."

So, good ole Casey gets his shot to prove it on the field the next season in Knoxville. Oops. Casey is 11-23 with 2 picks and UGA wins 41-14.

I hope Jimmy ends up with Buffalo and nobody ever hears from him again...

4) The Broncos - The Tebow-Knowshow-Thomas triple threat will be interesting to watch. How much of a head-case is Brandon Marshall? They trade him away for nothing, then trade up to get a receiver that they say reminds them of Marshall.

The bad?

1) The Falcons are without a second round pick. I had heard draft gurus say that this could be the deepest 2nd round ever. Now I believe it...look at the guys that are still available.

Colt McCoy, Carlos Dunlap, Terrance Cody, Jonathan Dwyer, Toby Gerhardt, Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, Everson Griffen, Sergio Kindle, Taylor Mays, Golden Tate, Damien Williams, Aaron Hernandez, Bruce Campbell, and others. That pick at #50 would have been nice...

2) I had to witness the Pouncey twins kissing. That was the most shocking part of the night by far.

3) Boomer. When is this guy going to go away? I just want to be able to watch the NFL Draft and the Home Run Derby in peace. Please, sell your ESPN stock, retire, and move to Mexico with Harold Reynolds.

Most likely to be Offensive ROY - CJ Spiller - He will get plenty of touches on a team that needs play-makers. I think Buffalo uses him like Minnesota used AP his rookie year.

Most likely to be Defensive ROY - Eric Berry - Instant starter and ball skills that should make him an instant impact player

Looking ahead to Round 3 and the Falcons 3rd picks. It will be interesting to see who is still available when they pick. TD can go several ways with these picks. I could see the Birds taking a DE, CB, OL, RB, or WR.

I think a guy everyone can root for to fall is Jermaine Cunningham. He is 6'4 and 270 and a true pass rusher. He is from Atlanta (Stephenson) and was a beast at Florida. He would need to add 10-15 pounds, but this would be a sneaky pick.

Super-sneaky 3rd rounder? Reshad Jones, S - UGA...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunday...

A lot has been made of Tyreke Evans rookie season, where he averaged 20+ ppg, 5+ rpg, an 5+ apg. He joined Oscar Robertson, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan as the only players to accomplish this in their rookie season. Congrats to Tyreke, but this hardly means he had a top 4 rookie season. Wilt Chamberlain had a decent rookie season himself - 37.6 ppg – 27.0 rpg – 2.3 apg – God knows how many blocks...

NBA Playoff Picks

Suns over Blazers

Lakers over Thunder

Spurs over Mavs

Jazz over Nuggets

Jazz over Lakers

Suns over Spurs

Hawks over Bucks

Cavs over Bulls

Heat over Celtics

Magic over Bobcats

Magic over Hawks

Cavs over Heat

Cavs over Suns

How good has J-Hey’s start been? Entering the weekend, he is currently 28th in all of baseball in OPS. He is joined on the list by fellow Braves farm-hands Jeff Francoeur (2nd), Kelly Johnson (4th), Brian McCann (11th), and Martin Prado (12th).

Looks like most Mock Drafts have the Falcons taking Brandon Graham (DE) from Michigan. This pick is growing on me after seeing his numbers from 2009 where he led the nation in tackles for loss (26) and recorded 10 sacks. He was also the MVP of the Senior Bowl and looks the part (6'1 263)...

The Donovan McNabb to the Skins trade has certainly made things interesting in the NFC East. The Skins are certainly a player if they grab Russell Okung to finish off the OL in the draft. My money is on Jason Campbell to Pittsburgh after the Big Ben suspension is handed down. Washington also needs a RB in Round 2…

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baseball Picks

2010 Baseball Picks

NL East

NY Mets

NL Central


NL West


AL East

NY Yankees
Red Sox
Blue Jays

AL Central

White Sox

AL West


Wild Card



Braves over Rockies
Cardinals over Phillies


Cardinals over Braves


Rays over Tigers
Yankees over Mariners


Yankees over RAYS

World Series

Yankees over Cardinals