Sunday, September 28, 2008

College Football Thoughts...

Looking back on my college football preview, it is quite obvious I really underestimated Alabama. They looked really good last night and should be near the top of all polls. I also wanted to go ahead and post how I would have voted this week before the real polls come out.

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Missouri
5. Penn State
6. Texas
7. South Florida
8. Texas Tech
9. Southern Cal
10. UGA
11. BYU
12. Auburn
13. Florida
14. Kansas
15. Oklahoma St
16. Vanderbilt
17. Virginia Tech
18. Ohio State
19. UConn
20. Boise State
21. Georgia Tech
22. Utah
23. TCU
24. Oregon
25. Wisconsin

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gameday Signs - Athens, GA Style

Leave it up to my boys in A-Town to pull off the best Gameday Signs of the season so far. There were enough good ones this week to do a top 10...

10. Knowshon is on my to-do list
9. Dawgs are ready 24-7
8. Mt Cody – I am hiding the Little Debbie’s
7. Superman wears Knowshon PJ’s at night
6. Helen Keller’s favorite color is knowshon
5. Julio mows my lawn
4. Put Lou in a home
3. Terrance Cody eats babies
2. I had a better sign but Phil Fulmer ate it.
1. Jimmy Johns weather report – 99% chance of snow


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gameday Signs and Ryder Cup...

There were a few good signs at GameDay today in Auburn, AL. You knew the AU fans would take some shots at Bama and they came through with Pay-Roll Tide and Parole Tide. Both funny because they are true. Also seen today were:

Go PC Blue Hose - winner of "random sign of the day" award.
Perriloux for Heisman
Geaux Home - anytime you can mock LSU fans it is funny
That’s how babies are made (???)
Fear the chop block

How much fun is it to watch the Ryder Cup? It is always a great event, especially when it is held in the US of A. Does anyone else think that Tennis needs to make the Davis Cup every other year like the Ryder Cup? I am sure few people knew the Spain-USA semi-final was also going on yesterday (Querry took a set from Nadal before losing and Ferrer beat Roddick 8-6 in the 5th). That event is no where near most people's radar but it should be.

Play it every other year, get the top players back in the event (James Blake withdrew a couple weeks ago due to exhaustion), and make it more of a big-time event. Olympic tennis is terrible, so we need a big-time competition like this to look forward to.

Back to the Ryder Cup, you gotta love Boo Weekly and Justin Leonard. Weekly getting the crowd involved yesterday was a thing of beauty. Leonard sank that 45 foot putt to win the 1999 Cup and has already chipped in twice this year. Not having Tiger hasn't hurt the Americans yet, but I am afraid it will catch up to us in the singles play.

Random college football pick of the week - Temple +29 against Penn State. You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bonehead moves are always funny...

De'Sean Jackson flipping the ball behind him last night got me thinking about the most bonehead moves athletes have made over the years. De'Sean himself was already on the list. I couldn't figure a way to place these in any order, so here are my favorites in no particular order.

Lets start with the blunder from last night...

And good 'ol De'Sean's original blow up...

This guy got murdered for his blunder...

A funny take on the Jim Marshall wrong way run...

This one is worth viewing the entire 5 minutes. What was he thinking?

What a disaster the end of this game was. Worst part was I would have won my Dad's office pool with a Michigan victory and Tony Cummings ended up with my mythical trophy.

If you don't know this story,it may be the biggest blow-up ever.

The largest section of this guy's wikipedia page is dedicated to his infamous blunders.

One of sports biggest psycho's in his most psycho moment...

Roberto De Vincenzo
signed an incorrect score card in the 1968 Masters that kept him out of an 18 hole playoff for a green jacket.

His blunder is mentioned in his wikipedia page under legacy. Quite a bonehead move that took place in 2004.

This guy
inexplicably pulled out a driver on 18 on the final round of the US Open.

I'm not including incidents like Bill Buckner because he just choked and totally misplayed a ground ball. Those mentioned above all have the "what was he thinking" factor instead of the "I can't believe he did that" factor. Insert Ed Hochuli joke here...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Funny things from this week...

Some things that went on this week that made me chuckle...

1) The Mets already came out and said they aren't exercising Billy Wagner's option for 2010? Wow.

2) The Michigan-Notre Dame game is less significant than East Carolina-Tulane.

3) There's people out there that are waaaaay more worried about Beanie Wells' toe than Hurricane Ike.

4) The Blue Jays passed the Yankees for 3rd place in the AL East. The Yanks are now 9 games out of the wild card with 16 to play.

5) Sam Baker warning UGA fans about the hostile environment when they visit Arizona State next week. ASU sells season ticket packages for $99 and you can walk up to the gate and buy a ticket on game day.

6) This...

7) Lance Armstrong trying to pull a Dara Torres.

8) Daunte Culpepper's retirement letter. Best part? "Since I was not given a fair chance to come in and compete for a job, I would rather move on and win in other arenas of life." Sure Daunte, there are so many quality QB's out there that you didn't get a fair shot. You are washed up. A better line for your retirement letter than the one above would have been, "Since I was unable to show I was good enough to take Gibran Hamden, Brent Ratliff, Kevin O'Connell, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Tyler Thigpen's jobs, I would rather move on and win in other arenas of life."

9) Pacman Jones trying to call Vince Young to give him words of encouragement.

10) Torri Hunter going 7th Grade on Pudge Rodriguez and pushing him in the back.

11) Jon Gruden says Brian Griese will get the start against the Falcons tomorrow because Jeff Garcia is hurt. Garcia says he is fine. The genius who won a Super Bowl with a great team has since cleaned house to get his own guys in there and is 39-42 since.

12) The demise of the 49ers franchise does not seem to be coming to an end soon. Former #1 pick Alex Smith, who has stolen around $40 million the last 3 years - is out for the season and will probably be released next summer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Early thoughts on the Falcons...

Well, after just 1 game it is quite apparent Thomas Dimitroff made some solid moves in the off-season. The Michael Turner signing looks outstanding, the draft was better than solid, and the coaching staff seems to be a great fit. However, the one move he made that I think will have the biggest impact on the team this year was a trade made right before the draft...

Not only did moving DeAngelo Hall for a 2nd rounder help us get Sam Baker (who has been great), but it rid us of the most selfish athlete I have ever seen play a team sport. More selfish than Ricky Davis throwing the ball off the backboard to lock up his triple double, Chad Johnson wearing the HOF jacket, or Bob Wickman not wanting to pitch if it wasn't a save situation.

This guy wrote out "Aloha" on a board during a game, picked up 3 ego-driven penalties on 1 drive against Carolina, and always went for the interception even when the smart play was to knock the ball down (New Orleans). It was always about him, hence the nickname MeAngelo.

It's perfect now that he is on a team where they have a history of picking up "me first" players and stand little chance of winning anytime soon. If Hall never finishes on a winning team the rest of his career, it will make me smile.

For the present day Falcons, their locker room no longer has to deal with Hall's antics and can focus more on the "team" aspect. At least I can feel good about rooting for Brent Grimes and not be embarrassed about the way he acts on and off the field like I was with Hall. Good riddance...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Signs your having a great College Football Saturday...

I have compiled a list for those of you who are like me and live for college football in the fall. As you know, some Saturday's are better than others based on who your team is playing, if the game is on TV, who you are watching the game with, etc. I don't make it to a lot of regular season games because I enjoy watching all the other games besides UGA's (Look for me if they make the SEC Championship game or their bowl game). Thus, the perfect Saturday, and I usually get several a season, always involve the following things:

1) A slow cooked meat dish with some kind of home-made sauce. I prefer wings for day games and ribs for the late-night games.
2) At least 6 friends that are as hard-core into all the games as you are. This helps for better conversation, gets more food to the location, and the more people you can high-five - the better.
3) The amount of time between your last cup of coffee and your first beer is less than an hour.
4) A late night game - something like USC-Oregon St - that starts around 10:30. This prolongs your day of CFB enjoyment.
5) A big upset that doesn't involve your team. Bonus if that game is on TV at a different time than your team and you get to watch it. Another bonus if one of your hard-core friends that is with you roots for the team that was upset (AKA the Clemson factor).
6) Finally, your team wins a game against a formidable opponent and no one gets injured (no injuries also applies to everyone at the viewing location).

Consider this the CFB fan checklist for a given weekend. I think my 1st one this year will be September 27th when UGA plays Bama. Gonna be close today, hoping to only be missing #6 (Texas - UTEP is the late game - kinda shaky).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baseball and Football thoughts...

How ridiculous has CC Sabathia been with Milwaukee? I feel like I have been asking myself that about twice a week the last month and a half. He is now 9-0 in 11 starts with 6 complete games and 3 shutouts. CC is also up to 88 innings pitched in 11 starts. An eight innings per start average will really help a bullpen in August and September.

Does he have a legit shot at NL Cy Young? If he wins 5 more starts and is something like 14-0 with an ERA around 1.50, he should. Webb will have 20+ and will get a lot of votes and Lincecum has been the best pitcher in the NL all year, but you can't discredit numbers like that.

Cliff Lee has all but locked up the AL award. He would have to fall apart for someone like Halladay to take it from him. What if Cliff figured out how to pitch last year? Would Cleveland have won the World Series? That rotation with CC, Lee, and Carmona would have been pretty stout...

Anyone have any interesting thoughts on Week 1 of college football? There weren't too many close games until Monday night's Rocky Top meltdown, but this week looks like some teams will get better tests. Georgia (C.Mich), Florida (Miami), Auburn (S. Miss) and others will get much bigger tests this week.

Teams I watched that looked really good:

Wake Forest

Teams I watched that looked really bad:

Virginia Tech

There has been way too much talk this week about scheduling amongst BCS conference teams. You can't just look at one school's non-conference opponents versus another and make any general statements without looking at both situations closely.

Some schools (Southern Cal) have to schedule 2-3 big conference opponents out of conference because they play all of the other 9 Pac-10 schools each year. Recently, that means that 5 of those games (Stanford, Arizona, Washington, Washington St, and Oregon St) are complete duds. Of the other 4 (Oregon, Arizona St, UCLA, Cal), maybe you will have 2-3 that are legit top 25 teams. The only way to get your team ready for a BCS game is to find a few other top games that are out of conference.

Alabama is an example of a team on the other end of the spectrum. They have scheduled this year Clemson, Tulane, Western Kentucky, and Arkansas St out of conference. WKU is by far the weakest with Tulane being from a decent conference (USA) and Arkansas St usually fielding a competitive team (Beat A&M Saturday). Clemson was the only major BCS conference team the Tide scheduled this year. The reason? They are already at Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU in conference and host Auburn to close the season. Those four games plus Clemson gives you plenty of big-time games on the slate. In the USC example, getting Virginia, Ohio St, and Notre Dame are needed to get the 5-6 big games you need to legitimize your team.

So, when someone brings up USC's bottom tier opponents, don't let "USC fan" tell you the SEC has Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt. It is a different situation because USC gets to play all the bottom feeders, while a team like UGA doesn't play either Mississippi schools or Arkansas.

That being said, I sure am glad USC is ranked #1 now in both polls. This UGA team is too young to deal with those expectations each week. It is good experience for the 2009 team though, the one most true fans have targeted the past 3 years as the Dawgs best shot at a BCS title...