Thursday, August 28, 2008

A College Football Preview

I have been doing this for years and now I finally have some accountability...

1. Oklahoma (13-0) - Toughest Road game is A&M, don't play Mizzou and get Texas Tech at home
2. USC (11-1) - Even if they lose to OSU, Pac-10 doesn't have another top 15 team to challenge them
3. UGA (11-2) - Probably a good bet to slip up twice in brutal schedule, my guess is UT and LSU
4. Ohio State (10-2) - Should once again be dominant in Big 10 - defense will keep them in the mix again
5. LSU (10-3) - Best at the line of scrimmage in the country, decent QB play will put them in the top 5
6. Missouri (11-2) - Daniel should have the Tigers back on the national scene with no OU on the schedule
7. Florida (10-2) - Only 1 ten win season the past 6 but have enough offensive talent to be pretty good
8. West Virginia (10-2) - Interested to see how they handle the loss of Coach Rod, White and Devine=Big East Title
9. Texas (10-2) - Should be improved on both sides of the ball, sleeper contender if they win the RR Shootout
10. Tennessee (9-3) - 16 Senior starters return for another run before lack of quality recruiting catches up to them in '09
11. Clemson (9-3) - Should be the best in the ACC, but until 'lil Bowden wins 10+, I cant put them in the top 10
12. USF (10-2) - Two all-americans on defense and Grothe back at QB make them a solid bet to be good again
13. Texas Tech (9-3) - Will be 7-0 going into last weekend of October before running into the big boys
14. Wisconsin (9-3) - Sepetember 13th 10:30 pm clash with Fresno should be a good one - lose to OSU, Fresno, and Iowa
15. Auburn (8-4) - First year in the spread offense will have some growing pains but still a top 15 team - Bama streak will end
16. Oregon (8-4) - Tough schedule involves trips to USC, Cal, ASU, and Purdue - enough weapons to win most of the rest
17. Virginia Tech (8-4) - Rough stretch from 9/20 to 10/25 will determine season
18. Michigan (8-4) - Must beat Utah Week 1 to stay in top 25 all season
19. Arizona St (8-4) - Lost way too much off last year's team to improve to a top 10 calibur club
20. Kansas (8-4) - Three tough road games plus Texas will keep Kansas from matching last season's magic
21. South Carolina (8-4) - May need to win at Florida or at Clemson last 2 weeks of the season to ensure 8 win season and Jan 1 Bowl
22. Illinois (8-4) - Probably the 4th best in the Big 10 and are at Mizzou non-conference - 8 wins is do-able though
23. Fresno St (10-2) - Starts with a bang by beating Wisconsin but stumbles down the stretch with BCS pressure
24. Alabama (7-5) - Will break the drought against Auburn to squeak into another lower-tier bowl - top 10 next season
25. BYU (10-2) - Have enough returning to remain a top 25 team all season

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