Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally a blog about Brett Favre...

I have been silent on this issue the last 6 weeks as I know everyone is tired of hearing every tiny detail about the entire situation. Now that he is at least gone from GB (if you think the stories will die down now that he is in NY, think again), I got to thinking...this has to be one of the most worn out-overblown-make you suicidal-stories ESPN has ever thrown at us the past few years. What are some of the others?

1) Yankees-Red Sox
2) Cubs fans are cursed and you gotta love 'em!!
3) Tom Brady is God and he dates hot women
4) David Beckham warming up on the sidelines
5) Anything involving Pacman Jones

Give me some help on the others. What makes you want to vomit every time you see it on the ESPN ticker?


Beezbo said...

Favre and all things Boston are by far the worst. I would also add anything involving TO and/or Tony Homo.

FPSMGR said...

Did I ever tell you my Jamele Hill story?

mike said...

-Any story about Joba Chamberlain
-All thinga Barbaro
-'Manny being Manny', what does that even mean?

Side note about TBS, do the Red Sox have to be involved in every single national telecast? Really? Every one?