Saturday, August 30, 2008

Signs seen on College Gameday

I wanted to start compiling these, so this may be a recurring blog. Post any good ones you see or have seen.


Kirk > Phelps + C.Norris

I could start in the big 10

Knowring 4 Knowshon

About 7 "Julio 4 Heisman"

Julio trained Phelps

Today's rank at about a 5.0 out of 10. None have come close to what we usually see in the Big 12. The best of all time so far?

Fowler, you look like F in HD

I dare anyone to top that one.

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Beezbo said...

Signs are always fun ("Brady Quinn's sister loves the D" and "Calvin Johnson: Killing Catholics since 1850"... both from GT-ND 2 years ago), but the greatest moment in Gameday history is Corso dropping an F bomb: