Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cox's Successor

I was wondering today about Bobby Cox and his potential successors as Braves manager. A lot of people assume it will be Terry Pendleton, but he was linked to the KC job and is also rumored as a candidate to replace LaRussa in St. Louis. Terry would probably be decent as a manager, but I think the Braves could do better.

Is it possible that the ear-marked successor is not currently with the organization? Is that why there is not much talk even though it looks like Cox will be around through 2009 at the most?

I think a possible candidate is Leo Mazzone. He has been out of coaching for a few years, but still works as an analyst and does some radio. At age 60, Mazzone may think he has 7-10 years in him to try and bring another title to Atlanta.

Seems to makes sense.

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Psycho-RT said...

Bring back Art Howe to the league!!