Saturday, September 6, 2008

Signs your having a great College Football Saturday...

I have compiled a list for those of you who are like me and live for college football in the fall. As you know, some Saturday's are better than others based on who your team is playing, if the game is on TV, who you are watching the game with, etc. I don't make it to a lot of regular season games because I enjoy watching all the other games besides UGA's (Look for me if they make the SEC Championship game or their bowl game). Thus, the perfect Saturday, and I usually get several a season, always involve the following things:

1) A slow cooked meat dish with some kind of home-made sauce. I prefer wings for day games and ribs for the late-night games.
2) At least 6 friends that are as hard-core into all the games as you are. This helps for better conversation, gets more food to the location, and the more people you can high-five - the better.
3) The amount of time between your last cup of coffee and your first beer is less than an hour.
4) A late night game - something like USC-Oregon St - that starts around 10:30. This prolongs your day of CFB enjoyment.
5) A big upset that doesn't involve your team. Bonus if that game is on TV at a different time than your team and you get to watch it. Another bonus if one of your hard-core friends that is with you roots for the team that was upset (AKA the Clemson factor).
6) Finally, your team wins a game against a formidable opponent and no one gets injured (no injuries also applies to everyone at the viewing location).

Consider this the CFB fan checklist for a given weekend. I think my 1st one this year will be September 27th when UGA plays Bama. Gonna be close today, hoping to only be missing #6 (Texas - UTEP is the late game - kinda shaky).

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