Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gameday Signs and Ryder Cup...

There were a few good signs at GameDay today in Auburn, AL. You knew the AU fans would take some shots at Bama and they came through with Pay-Roll Tide and Parole Tide. Both funny because they are true. Also seen today were:

Go PC Blue Hose - winner of "random sign of the day" award.
Perriloux for Heisman
Geaux Home - anytime you can mock LSU fans it is funny
That’s how babies are made (???)
Fear the chop block

How much fun is it to watch the Ryder Cup? It is always a great event, especially when it is held in the US of A. Does anyone else think that Tennis needs to make the Davis Cup every other year like the Ryder Cup? I am sure few people knew the Spain-USA semi-final was also going on yesterday (Querry took a set from Nadal before losing and Ferrer beat Roddick 8-6 in the 5th). That event is no where near most people's radar but it should be.

Play it every other year, get the top players back in the event (James Blake withdrew a couple weeks ago due to exhaustion), and make it more of a big-time event. Olympic tennis is terrible, so we need a big-time competition like this to look forward to.

Back to the Ryder Cup, you gotta love Boo Weekly and Justin Leonard. Weekly getting the crowd involved yesterday was a thing of beauty. Leonard sank that 45 foot putt to win the 1999 Cup and has already chipped in twice this year. Not having Tiger hasn't hurt the Americans yet, but I am afraid it will catch up to us in the singles play.

Random college football pick of the week - Temple +29 against Penn State. You're welcome.

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