Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mid week musings...

The Hawks on the road in the playoffs is tough to watch. They never match the home team's intensity, lose their cool, and look lost on both ends of the floor. I think Woody loses his composure and fails to adjust to in-game situations.

Josh is melting down mentally, get him out of the game.
Joe is hot, run some plays for him besides an iso (do we have any?)
Put West in to guard Jennings/Salmons for a while
Anything to look like we are attempting to keep the other team from having our way

These things aren't so evident at home because we do have the most intensity and that helps the team/coach remain calm. Which leads to the next problem..even if they advance, this team is out in 4-6 games against Orlando. They have a better version of Jennings, Salmons, Delfino, and K. Thomas. Read today the team is shopping their 1st round pick for cash to sign Joe...maybe he'll stay after all.

The Braves have got to do something in a hurry before a 5th consecutive year out of the post-season occurs. Is it worth it to try and acquire Adrian Gonzalez? Well, he is under contract for $4.75 million this year and $5.5 in 2011. After that, he will likely command a contract similar to what Ryan Howard just signed.

Chipper will be near retirement then, so the payroll may be there for that kind of move. Is there an issue with having Heyward, McCann, and Gonzo all being lefties? I don't see why it would be...What will it take to get him? A lot, because several teams have been after Gonzo since last year.

Freddie Freeman would be at the center of the deal. He would be the sell to the San Diegans as the replacement for Gonzo. They would also want our top arm in Julio Teheran. Outside of that, I am not sure what it would take to make the deal happen. If San Diego wants a major league position player, an interesting thought would be Nate McLouth.

Freeman/Teheran/McLouth for Adrian Gonzalez

That's a pretty steep price, but there is a chance SD would swap Teheran for someone like Randall Delgado or Craig Kimbrell. If the deal could be Freeman/Delgado/McLouth, I would do it in a second.


What about Glaus? I agree...who cares?

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William Satterwhite said...

I'm not sure San Diego would absolutely need Freddie Freeman in a deal for Adrian Gonzalez, there's a thought that Kyle Blanks would end up moving to 1st if they move Gonzalez and he's a pretty promising youngster himself.

If Gonzales could be had for a Freeman-less package I would take him just for this year and the next. Hopefully (snicker) Wren has learned his lesson and in such a scenario wouldn't give up the farm knowing the guy is only here for the short term.

I doubt Gonzales would really command a Howard-like contract- that really is a truly unique situation that isn't likely to repeat itself again (you have to figure a big part of Philly's logic was that Howard has some measure of marketing value to the team that makes him more valuable than he should be). Most of the big spenders are either already set at 1B or have prospects coming up they hope will lock it down. Either way, even if a team like the Mets are on the market, Gonzales and Prince Fielder are probably going to drive each others value down. I don't think either one gets much more than $15 mil, that's about what I think Texeira would have gotten if the Yankees hadn't had a hole to fill at 1B.

But yeah, if he can be had without giving up Freddie Freeman, I'd be all in favor of getting Gonzales for the rest of this year and all of next and just letting him walk for draft picks. The money that gets saved from Chipper coming off the books needs to go towards locking up Heyward and Hanson through their arbitration years- the last thing I want to see is the Braves going through the exact same thing the Phillies did with Howard when he reached arbitration time.