Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Title Picture

Well, the BCS Title game picture almost became more clear yesterday, but late comebacks by Alabama and Notre Dame kept the picture clouded.  Notre Dame seems to have 1 more hurdle to climb in USC, Bama has A&M/SEC title game, Oregon has Stanford/OSU/PAC-12 title game, and K-St has TCU and Texas.

The K-St season may hinge on Collin Klein's health this week. TCU is pretty good on D and has an athletic QB that could give their D problems.  I think Notre Dame is going to struggle keeping up with USC's offense, leaving the SEC champ to play Oregon if the Ducks can win out, which I think they will.

Consider this situation...

UGA wins out and meets unbeaten Bama in the Dome
K-St falls to TCU or Texas
Oregon loses to USC in PAC-12 title game
Notre Dame loses to USC

Who does the SEC winner play?  Not Oregon, a non-conference champ.  I think in this scenario there are 3 teams that could make a strong case.

1). 1-loss Conference champ K-St, especially if they lose with Klein not playing
2). Notre Dame, with several quality wins
3). Florida State, if they win out and capture the ACC and knock off the Gators

Who would get your vote?  It's K-St, regardless of the Klein situation in my opinion...

Poll for 11/4

1.   Alabama
2.   Oregon
3.   Kansas St
4.   Notre Dame
5.   Georgia
6.   Florida
7.   LSU
8.   South Carolina
9.   Ohio St
10. Florida St
11. Oregon St
12. Texas A&M
13.  Louisville
14. Clemson
15. Stanford
16. UCLA
17. Nebraska
18. Oklahoma
19. Mississippi St
20.  Texas
21.  Michigan
22.  USC
23.  Texas Tech
24.  Oklahoma St
25. TCU

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