Sunday, October 28, 2012

The fall of the unbeatens begins...

It happens every October.  The first BCS rankings are released, and everyone wants to know what unbeaten will be left out of the BCS Title game.   But it happens every October, upsets and crazy plays mess up everything and these teams end up playing themselves out of the race.  Saturday, our list of unbeatens went from 11 to 6, and expect that to dwindle down even more the next few weeks.

Most interesting BCS argument now is not Oregon/K-St/Notre Dame, those teams will sort themselves out soon enough.   What's really interesting to consider, though, is what happens if LSU beats Alabama in Baton Rouge next week.  That would give us a likely 1- loss SEC Champ.  Could a 12-1 Bama be left out if 2 of the Oregon/K-St/ND trio remain undefeated?  I think so.

Poll for 10/28

1.   Alabama
2.   Oregon
3.   Kansas St
4.   Notre Dame
5.   Georgia
6.   Florida
7.   LSU
8.   Ohio St
9.   Florida St
10. South Carolina
11. Louisville
12. Mississippi St
13. Clemson
14. Oregon St
15. Texas A&M
16. Oklahoma
17. Stanford
18. Texas Tech
19. UCLA
20. Nebraska
21.  Arizona
22.  USC
23.  Oklahoma St
24.  Toledo
25.  Louisiana Tech

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