Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oregon/Bama on collision course

Two more dominant performances by what appears to be the 2 best teams in the nation Saturday really have college football fans drooling over the chance to see these 2 strong teams go at it in January.  Both teams have some big obstacles, as USC is as talented as anyone and Florida appears to be back as a legit top 5 team.  But, after blowing out another opponent yesterday, the Ducks and Tide seem to be the the top 2.  Kansas State and Notre Dame are certainly other wild cards, but K-State has a really tough finishing schedule and Notre Dame has that talented USC team along with a really good Oklahoma team. 

We will have much more sorted out next week as Bama plays unbeaten Miss St, K-State plays a hot Texas Tech squad, Florida battles Georgia, and Notre Dame gets USC.  Should be fun...

Poll for 10/21

1.   Alabama
2.   Oregon
3.   Florida
4.   Kansas State
5.   Notre Dame
6.   LSU
7.   Oregon State
8.   Oklahoma
9.   Mississippi State
10. Ohio State
11.  Louisville
12.  Rutgers
13.  USC West
14.  USC East
15.  Georgia
16.  Texas A&M
17.  Michigan
18.  Florida State
19.  Texas Tech
20.  Clemson
21.  Ohio
22.  Stanford
23.  UCLA
24.  Nebraska
25.  TCU

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