Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I learned...

Things I learned yesterday...

1) The Hawks need Josh Smith back ASAP
2) There is a TON of national "love" for the Falcons
3) The Florida Gators football team can not be stopped
4) USC's defense can give up TD's
5) UGA is not an elite team, but if 9-2 (6-2) is a down year...WOW
6) Any football game involving 2 ACC schools is a crapshoot
7) The CFB team with the most wins this year over ranked teams? Maryland
8) Maryland may be the best team in the ACC and started the year by losing to MTSU, who is 4-6
9) The Georgia State hoops team needs to take their game to a new level - and quickly
10) Oklahoma vs Texas Tech next week is going to be sweet - but, the SECCG will be better

Ranking 'em again...

1) Alabama
2) Texas Tech
3) Florida
4) Texas
5) Oklahoma
6) USC
7) Penn St
8) UGA
9) Ohio St
10) Utah
11) Boise St
12) Oklahoma St
13) Missouri
14) Michigan St
15) Oregon
16) Ball St
17) LSU
18) TCU
19) Cincinnati
20) BYU
21) Miami
22) Oregon St
23) Maryland
24) Pittsburgh
25) North Carolina


Anonymous said...

Maryland is nowhere near being the best team in the ACC. They got lucky on Saturday with the weather, them being at home, and UNC missing a 28 yd field goal that would have won the game. They would be the worst team to win the ACC conference since who knows when. That would be a good subject for you to address, worst team's to somehow win their conference over the years.

FPSMGR said...

Smoove coming back Wednesday!!!!