Saturday, January 24, 2009

Atlanta Sports Talk Radio...

By request, today's blog will break down the different local sports talk radio shows and what I think can be improved at each of the local stations (680 & 790). There has been a pretty big shake-up the past 6 months, so now that everyone has begun to settle into their new roles, lets take a look at what we have. This will only be the local guys, so Cowherd and Patrick were not considered...

5) Brandon and Woolvey - 790, 11-1 - These 2 guys do a pretty good job overall. Sometimes, the topic is pushed on the listener too much and we end up with half the show becoming a debate over whether Michigan or Tennessee is a better football "program" while arguing about what aspects of the "program" should have the most weight. These shows are unlistenable and happen every now and then. They do know their stuff and can weigh in most topics intelligently, but they lack the on-air personality to make this one of the top shows on local radio.

4) Buck and Kincade - Pretty good show when they are interviewing someone like Herbstreit or Mortenson. Give decent interviews and seem to get good guests that are entertaining. Biggest problem with this show is the format of "I will take this side, you take the other" where some pretty outrageous arguments are taken to induce callers. When Kincade is on his own doing his ESPN show, he is great. I love that show. But, for some reason (helps ratings?), his show with Buck brings out an annoying side that can be quite bothersome. Buck is OK and gives some good football insight, but he plays the sarcasm card too much.

3) Pollack and Bell - Made it this high on the list solely because of Mike Bell. He does great radio and when he was on Mayhem it was the best show on the radio. Bell is just a solid sports radio personality and personally carries this show. Pollack is new to the business and it shows sometimes, but he may have some potential - too early to tell.

2) Mayhem in the AM - Cellini and Dimino used to have the best show in Atlanta sports talk radio when they hosted the Bottom Line. There is still some of that good chemistry, but Steak is involved way too much these days. Those 2 need to be left alone and when Steak and his ego get on the air, it messes up the show. The idea that this show is for "guys" and the talk about late night clubs, hangovers, etc went out the window when Mike Bell left. Still a good show with solid guests and decent banter. May take a hit this summer with Leo Mazzone signing on with 680.

1) Chuck & Chernoff - Was one of the best shows when they were on 790, and they continue to be good on 680. They have a great combination of humor and sports knowledge and feed well off of each other. This is the only show I have ever called. They always seem to have interesting topics and they know their stuff as well as anyone. I wish they could have brought Win Chuck's Lunch with them down the dial.

There was a time 3-4 years ago that I never listened to any of the 680 local guys. Jamie Dukes, Perry, and Rude in the morning was horrendous and Buck and Kincade went up against Dimino and Cellini. Even when Cowherd was on, who I like, he was up against 790's duo of Chuck and Chernoff. The tide has certainly changed in 680's favor and even Mazzone has be a little intrigued to check out the 680 morning show. Hopefully, 790 will get their act together and step up their game soon...


Beezbo said...

What was the more embarrassing moment for Maryland athletics this week: the blowout loss to Duke or Shawne Merriman basically announcing "Only I can have stupid feuds with the GM that distract the team, coaches, front office, and fans."

Mike said...

Mike Bell is easily the best personality on the radio right now in Atlanta. Pollack is OK when he's able to talk college football, but listening to him break down a Hawks win over the Bucks is pretty bad. I don't know what their plan will be after the Super Bowl with him.

I definitely agree that Chuck and Chernoff is the best duo on the radio. They are both homers, know their stuff, have good topics, and play off each other well. Win Chuck's dinner is the only missing piece, as you said.

Beezbo said...

"Pollack is OK when he's able to talk college football"

If you're one "OK" contribution is college football, yet you make arguments for "Chase Daniels" and how Illinois is a "scary team to play" half way through the season when the Illini were 3-3, you suck.

And anybody who thinks "at least he knows the local stuff"... he referred to one of UGA's top players (on a consistent basis) as Ronnie Koran (pronounced like the Muslim bible). I blame Sneak Shapiro for going after ratings rather than utilizing his top talent to its highest potential. "The Party Guy and the Mormom will be a ratings bonanza!"

Beezbo said...

John Rocker was on the Regular Guys yesterday giving his side of the story from last week's altercation w/ Snake Shapiro... funny stuff.

Rock said he rode up the elevator with Snake and passed by Snake several times before Snake bumrushed him with the back-handed peace offering "Why don't you quit acting like a child and let's put this behind us?". Not that anybody should respond to that with a barrage of cursing, but it's not like Rock was the instigator.

Conclusion: Snake Shapiro has ruined 790.

Jeff said...

The Rocker-Shapiro fiasco was funny to watch unfold. Shapiro would instigate something so that 790 could get a mention in the AJC the next day. Anything to help ratings after blowing the good lineup they had a few years ago

FPSMGR said...

I'm a BIG fan of mayhem. Cellini is hilarious and Dimino amazes me with his wealth of baseball knowledge. Steak bothers me a little bit sometimes but not as much as he seems to bother most people.

I for one don't see Pollack hanging around much longer. He's getting better but he seems immature. He constantly badgers Bell with petty "picking on" type things. How can the devout christian and the out all night single guy really tolerate each other for very much longer?

I've never listened to Chuck and Chernoff but everyone that I talk to says they are awesome! I'll try to pick them up midday to form an opinion of my own. If they're as good as everyone says they are then they will probably move to the morning show soon, right?

No mention of the 2 live fools? This is the ATL, shawty!!

FPSMGR said...

Just wanted to add a somewhat un-related comment. Has anyone ever heard one of Bill Simmons pod casts? I have a huge man crush on him but once you hear what his voice sounds like you'll have serious second thoughts. If you haven't already click here, it's well worth it.

BTW - I'm listening to Chuck and Chernoff right now and it's very solid. However, this post ruined my ride to work as I was over analyzing everything that Steak said this morning and he began to aggravate me. Hopefully I can get these thoughts out of my head as he's never really bothered me before.

Enjoying the blog, keep it up!!

Maybe a Bobby Knight column?