Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dunk Contest thoughts...

The days of the NBA's slam dunk contest being "must-see-TV" are gone and the format today is horrendous. Not as bad as H.O.R.S.E, but still bad. The Rudy Fernandez dunk last night is a perfect example. Great dunk, but after missing the dunk 7+ times, it isn't quite as dramatic. It all started going downhill when they instituted a point system and dunkers received a 8.3 instead of an 8 or 9. They did away with that after a while, but the clock and format with 4 contestants still doesn't seem right. Maybe having Lebron next year will help.

Alas, I still watched most of the dunk contest. It got me thinking about some of the best dunks from the dunk contest - not performances, but individual dunks. It led to the following, the top 10 best dunks from the NBA's slam dunk contest.

Note: Jumping from the free-throw line and short people do not impress me...

10. Tracy McGrady - 360 double pump in 2000

9. Michael Jordan - Kiss the rim

8. Dwight Howard - 2008

7. Jason Richardson - off backboard between legs

6. Dominique Wilkens - 2 handed windmill

5. Desmond Mason - 2003

4. Josh Smith - over Kenyon windmill

3. Vince Carter - between the legs

2. Vince Carter - 360 Windmill

1. Jason Richardson - Walk off winner

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FPSMGR said...

I liked Rudy's dunk this year too. If he only could have done it in less attempts!

Normal people (like me) who can't dunk period don't realize how hard Dwight's 12' dunk was! I think the format hurt him. Didn't he have a perfect score on both of his first dunks? I think it should be decided with an average score of all rounds. I believe Dwight's final dunk was the run all the way across the court and jump from a step inside the foul line? That wasn't a final round dunk and that is what hurt him.

Nate was impressive but Dwight in my opinion was better!!