Monday, May 4, 2009

Lets get it cranking again!

Its been a while, so lets start with some musings...

Loved the draft for the Falcons, got a DT starter in the 1st and a freak athlete safety in the 2nd. Looks like Owens and Sidbury will be at least backups as rookies. The Draft is the key to the NFL, because if you don't draft backups and special teams guys along with your 1st day picks, you end up killing your salary cap signing veterans to fill those roles...

Glad to see Jeff Francoeur get off to a good start...even his outs look good some of the time. Everything I read about Jason Heyward says he will be a complete stud. Off to an OK start this year in Myrtle Beach - .277-3-10 through Sunday. He went 1-4 in the game yesterday, a loss to Salem, where the Myrtle Beach Braves were beaten by Jose Capellan (of Dan Kolb fame). Have all of the Braves so-called "Aces of the future" since Smoltz/Avery/Glavine came along ever turned into All-Stars? Jason Schmidt maybe? There have been way too many Bruce Chen/Jose Capellan/Anthony Lerew's. Trade Tommy Hanson now!

Hawks on to Round 2 tomorrow night. Unless they sweep the 2 at home, this looks like a 5 game series at best. I just don't see LeBron letting up in any game as he seems to be on a mission this year. Big Z also gives us all sorts of problems inside that Miami couldn't...Draft a young PG and an atheltic big and lets keep moving in the right direction after this.

It's only Monday, but these funny stories are already in the headlines...

1) Super-recruit John Wall breaking and entering before signing a letter-of-intent.

2) Oliver Perez siging a huge deal and then being sent to the bullpen after developing Mark Wohlers disease.

3) Biren Ealy and Kolomona Kapanui of the New Orleans Saints getting drunk and then showing their junk to 2 random women at an apartment complex.

4) Joba Chamberlain's Mother is a Meth addict. At least she will be easy to buy for with Mother's Day coming up this weekend.

5) A Mexican soccer player spit and snotted on an opponent and told him he had Swine Flu in the 90th minute of a match.

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