Monday, June 29, 2009

Vazquez for Swisher?

A little food for thought for Monday morning. What about a deadline deal of Javy Vazquez for Nick Swisher? Only if Huddy is about ready to come back, of course. We will have 6 starters, and I think Javy is the most likely to be traded. Swisher gives us lots of the things we are lacking in RF right now - toughness, solid OBP, power, etc.

I know it seems we should be able to get more for Javy because he has been so dominant, but if we do the deal straight up, the Yanks will probably be willing to pay all of Javy's remaining salary this year. That would then open up the payroll, which as of now is not flexible enough to acquire anyone of significance. We could then look to upgrade in other places, like maybe a Kelly Johnson + prospect for Felipe Lopez?

The question is are the Braves going to be in the mix (3-6 GB) in the next few weeks? If they are, I say do what you have to do to get better to make a run. There is not a dominant team in the NL and with Hanson's emergence and a potential Huddy return, 2 hitters could make the Braves the best team in the NL.



That team, with Prado and Infante of the bench along with the Gonzo/Rafa closer combo makes the Braves legit contenders. Just got to hang on a few weeks and stay in the mix as long as possible...

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Rallen said...

Wish ol' Frenchy could get it going. Your proposed lineup would be sick!