Monday, August 3, 2009

RSM's Pre-Season Top 25

The following rankings are based on what I believe the final polls will look like, not the order of how good I believe teams are...

1. Florida (12-0)- No reason they should lose with their D - might give up fewer than 160 points.
2. Texas (12-0) - Heisman winner Colt McCoy will lead Texas over Oklahoma on their way to the BCS title game.
3. Penn St (11-1) - Will slip up once, but be in the mix most of the year.
4. Oklahoma(11-1) - Only loss to Texas, offense will be dynamic again.
5. Cal (11-1) - Gets to a BCS game by knocking off USC to win the Pac-10.
6. VT (10-2) - Best team in the ACC wins conference again.
7. USC (10-2) - Too many losses on defense and a new QB drop USC out of the BCS hunt for the first time in a while.
8. LSU (10-2) - Slip up twice in tough schedule and set up nicely for a 2010 run.
9. Bama (10-2) - Could go deep into the season unbeaten again if they get past VT.
10. OSU (10-2) - Lose and Penn State and once more, then get a chance to end losing streak to SEC in Capital One Bowl.
11. UGA (9-3) - Tough schedule again should yield 3 losses, offense in 2010 could be scary good.
12. Oregon(9-3)- Masoli and Blount are dynamic in the backfield, could be really good if D steps up.
13. Ok St(9-3) - Still many questions on D and the offense must overcome loss of Pettigrew - not yet a top 10 program.
14. UNC (9-3) - Davis keeps it going in the right direction with a healthy Yates.
15. Boise (11-1) - Boise keeps it going but lose to the Ducks.
16. Illinois(9-3) - Zook gets Illinois back in the national scene with some solid talent.
17. So Miss (11-1) - Breakout team from C-USA has a lot back from last years squad.
18. Ole Miss(9-3) - Nutt has another good season, but this isn't a top 10 team.
19. FSU (8-4) - Tough non-conferenc schedule includes having to play in the swamp on Tebow's Senior Day.
20. GT (8-4) - Another good Paul Johnson team keeps the streak of bowls alive.
21. TCU (10-2) - Should be good on D again and will beat out Utah and BYU in the MWC.
22. ND (8-4) - Schedule eases up a little bit, but enough to get ND into a Jan 1 Bowl Game.
23. Pitt(9-3) - Lots of talent on D, especially up front, will battle USF and Rutgers for Big East title.
24. Kansas (8-4) - Reesing is back for the probable Big 12 North winners.
25. MSU (8-4) - Stays in the top half on the Big 10 with weak non-conference schedule.

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