Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday morning musings...

Get your money in on Cleveland at 2 to 1 to win the NBA title before the Amare deal goes down. Once that deal is complete, it's game over.

Shannon Brown might put on a show tonight in the dunk contest. Brown is my pick but I am also scared it will be a Nate Robinson love-fest again.

As for the 3-point, DaeQuan Cook is the easy pick, but I am going to go with Stephen Curry.

Interesting to see the college hoops programs that are currently on the wrong side of the bubble for the NCAA tournament: UCLA, UNC, UConn, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisville.

If more players would do this in baseball, the sport would be in a much better place.

Speaking of baseball, I am intrigued by the Johnny Damon situation. It now appears that the White Sox and Tigers are the finalists, but something tells me that if the Braves could up their offer by a million or two they could get him. Having Damon in the 6 or 7 hole is an upgrade over Melky...

That Hawks-Heat game this week really showed how important the Hawks bench is to their success. One game without Crawford and ZaZa and they get blown out by Miami.

I will go on record as not endorsing the Julius Peppers to Atlanta talk. For what he wants money-wise, I don't think he is worth it. He disappears for stretches during the season and I would be worried he shuts it down after getting paid. That money needs to be spent in the secondary and offensive line. The Birds need a DE, but not one that will break the bank. It is nice to have an uncapped year, but the rules will eventually go back to how they were and you don't want to be strapped down with that kind of contract.

Also, lots of mock drafts are now putting Kareem Jackson's name next to the Falcons pick. I think he would be a solid pick up and could play immediately. That 1st rounder has to be OL, DL, or CB.

I like the Mavs trade because they need to start to separate themselves from the pack. Third and Eighth in the Western Conference are only separated by 3 games. Getting home court and avoiding the Lakers in the 1st round is a must or any team that wants a shot at reaching the WC finals.

Predictions for today...

- Maryland plays Duke tough as always in Cameron
- New Mexico proves for the 2nd time this week they beat good teams away from "The Pit"
- Georgia plays well at home again and beats USC
- Nobody outside the state of NC will care about the NCSU-UNC game
- Virginia Tech beats UVA for the 2nd time this year
- South Florida has a reality check against Marquette

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