Sunday, October 10, 2010

College football shake-up...

Les Miles must have sold his soul. He runs the no-look fake field goal flip again and somehow gets it to work again. Most people in the stadium had to be thinking fake, and even with a bad throw, they still picked up the 1st down. Between the UNC last minute incomplete pass, the Tennessee 7-3-3 defensive mistake, and the play that wasn't executed at all but still worked, LSU has been hanging on for dear life. But, they are still unbeaten. For now. After McNeese State next week, they get the at Auburn/vs Bama combo that will be huge in determining the SEC West.

That was easily the game of the day. It was an electric environment and the last 15 minutes had a ton of drama. Michigan State was way too physical on both sides of the ball for Michigan and Florida State showed some life in Miami.

Too bad there isn't a Big 10 championship game this year. The last 2 un-beatens, MSU/OSU, do not play each other.

What a year it is for the dual-threat quarterback. Taylor Martinez put on a show Thursday, Cam Newton is still truckin, and Denard Robinson leads the nation in rushing. Colin Kaepernick is also in the top 15 in the nation in rushing, giving QB's 4 of the top 15.

Heisman Ballot for 10/10

1. LaMichael James - RB, Oregon
2. Denard Robinson - QB, Michigan
3. Andrew Luck - QB, Stanford
4. Taylor Martinez - QB, Nebraska
5. Cameron Newton - QB, Auburn

The Oregon State win over Arizona last night is good news for Boise State and TCU. The computers will like their wins over them much more if the Beavers continue to win. How interesting would it be if the Oregon-Oregon State game is a chance for Boise State to get in the big game?

Un-beaten top teams that could be in trouble next week? Ohio State heads to Madison, Wisconsin, Auburn hosts Arkansas, and Nebraska gets their biggest test with Texas.

Biggest jump this week is Oregon State. After winning at Arizona and going to 2-0 in the Pac-10, it is time to recognize losing at Boise State and at Cowboys Stadium vs TCU is nothing to be ashamed about.

Rankings for 10/10

1. Ohio State
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Nebraska
6. Oklahoma
7. Auburn
8. Michigan State
9. LSU
10. South Carolina
11. Alabama
12. Stanford
13. Utah
14. Arkansas
15. Nevada
16. Oklahoma State
17. Florida
18. Florida State
19. Oregon State
20. Arizona
21. Iowa
22. Wisconsin
23. Missouri
24. Air Force
25. Michigan

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