Monday, April 4, 2011

MLB Predictions

Meant to put these up last week, but here they are anyway.

NL East

1. Philly
2. Atlanta
3. Florida
4. Washington
5. New York

NL Central

1. St Louis
2. Cincinnati
3. Milwaukee
4. Chicago
5. Houston
6. Pittsburgh

NL West

1. Rockies
2. Giants
3. Dodgers
4. Padres
5. Diamondbacks

WC – Braves


Braves over Rockies
Phillies over Cardinals
Braves over Phillies

AL East

1. Red Sox
2. Yankees
3. Rays
4. Blue Jays
5. Orioles

AL Central

1. White Sox
2. Twins
3. Tigers
4. Royals
5. Indians

AL West

1. A’s
2. Rangers
3. Angels
4. Mariners

WC – Yankees


Red Sox over A’s
White Sox
over Yankees
Red Sox
over White Sox

World Series
over Red Sox

NL MVP – Dan Uggla
AL MVP – Adrian Gonzalez
NL Cy YoungRoy Halladay
AL Cy YoungJon Lester
NL ROY – Dominic Brown
AL ROY – Jeremy Hellickson

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Rob said...

Can't believe Kimbrel's first two games. 2/2 save attempts, 6 batters seen and 5 strikeouts! If he can keep this up it could get really fun. Felt really good about Lowe's and Hudson's season debut's as well. McCann is already amazing and with Jay-Hey, Uggla and a healthy!!