Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Musings...

A few observations/stats/musings as we pass the mid-point of May...

It's ridiculous that Derek Lowe leads the AL in wins and ERA after this much of the season...He has gone 6 innings or more and given up less than 3 runs in 6 of his 8 starts, something he couldn't do in any of his September starts last year for the Braves, who finished 1 game out of the post-season.  He also is coming off his 4th career shutout, after not even throwing a single complete game in 101 starts as a Brave.

Michael Bourn is getting a lot of national press for his hot start, and the fact that he is a free agent seems to come up each time.  He doesn't rely solely on his speed, but that is a big part of his game.   The being said, he is on the wrong side of 30 and will lose a bit of that weapon as his next contract ends.  With so many bad contracts in baseball right now, I don't think anyone will thrown 6/100+ at him like he and his agent think, but if I am the Braves, he is certainly worth a 5/75 deal - a deal the team can afford with likely contracts coming off their payroll in Jones, Hudson, and Jurrjens.

It looks like for the 2nd time in 5 years, the top pick in the MLB Draft will be a prep player from Georgia.  Bryan Buxton from Appling County has skyrocketed up draft boards since last summer, and looks to be the guy to go #1.  Hopefully, he has more success than 2008 #1 Tim Beckham, who is currently serving a 50 game suspension for drug use.

Someone sent me this story today about Saints fans and their quest to purchase a billboard in downtown Atlanta featuring the words "Who Dat" so Falcon fans will, "feel our presence every single time they approach their ridiculous circus tent of a stadium during the second quarter on Sundays."  I actually hope this happens...the idea that Saint fans are so obsessed with the Falcons that they would take their disposable income in hopes that any Falcon fan will do anything but laugh at it is fantastic.  Sure, we will take your tens-of-thousands of dollars, your city is certainly in great shape and doesn't need any extra dollars for anything.  We are also trying to build a new stadium and every dollar will indeed count.  Thanks guys you and your tainted Super Bowl always come through.

It appears the Orioles found a gem last year in Oklahoma HS pitcher Dylan Bundy.  Bringing him along slowly (he didn't pitch past the 3rd in his 1st 3 starts), Bundy has absolutely dominated Single A lineups.  His stats through 7 starts:

25 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 36 K

Bundy was the Gatorade national HS Player of the year, so he was highly sought after, but that kind of start is a little ridiculous.

Amazing how the SA Spurs still fly under the radar in the's just a shame that they are in a small market so companies like ESPN think that no one cares and would rather hear about Rajon Rondo's haircut than the Spurs current 15 game winning streak.  Their last loss was over a month ago, and they did it again last night by blowing out the Clippers.  The Duncan/Ginobili/Parker threesome is healthy and productive, they are getting great minutes from Danny Green, Gary Neal, and Kawhi Leonard, and Pop is pulling all the right strings again.  How they are not getting more pub as title contenders is mind-boggling...

It appears that the Tebow-to-NY media fest will be just as bad as we all expected.  In just under 2 months since the trade, we have seen the following headlines of stories:

Darrelle Revis raves about Tim Tebow

Tebow is the right play for Jets

Rex Ryan thrilled with QB situation

Tim Tebow adjusting to N.Y. (Includes info on how he changed his dogs name from Bronco to Bronx)

Jets QBs coach praises Tim Tebow

Jets coach Rex Ryan impressed by Tim Tebow


Goodness, and this has been the off-season...

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