Sunday, September 22, 2013

College football thoughts

Well, we've seen 4 weeks worth of games and with October approaching next week, it's time to see what we've learned so far in 2013.

1). Of the 6 SEC teams that finished in the top 12 last year, only LSU and UGA appear to be as good as last years versions.

2). The Big 10 and Big 12 are still without any really good teams.

3). The PAC-12 is clearly the 2nd best league and Oregon may be the nations top team

4). The ACC is improved and their championship game may actually mean something this year.

5). Louisville will go unbeaten, but they won't deserve a spot in the title game.


1). Melvin Gordon gets a Heisman invite - dude is legit threat to go for 2,000 yards this year

2). LSU-UGA next week is a SECCG preview

3). The game of the year will be FSU-Clemson

4). Stanford will give Oregon fits again, but the Ducks win this time

5). 2 of the top 3 jobs in the country will be open this off-season in USC/Texas.  The 3rd (Florida) may be open soon as well

Top 25 Poll for 9/22

1).  Oregon
2).  Alabama
3).  LSU
4).  Stanford
5).  Clemson
6).  Florida St
7).  Georgia
8).  Texas A&M
9).  Ohio State
10) Oklahoma St
11). Louisville
12). Miami
13). Oklahoma
14). South Carolina
15). Washington
16)  Mississippi
17). Northwestern
18). UCLA
19). Florida
20). Maryland
21). Michigan
22). Baylor
23). Fresno St
24). Arizona
25). Missouri

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