Friday, October 24, 2008

The Best Conference Debate...

I hate writing on stuff like this, but I had a reader make a request so I must respond...

The Big 12 is the popular pick now as the top conference in college football and rightfully so...the Big 12 has 2 really good teams and more than a handful of outstanding quarterbacks - however, I still believe the SEC is the best conference - and, it is still not close...

I think the Big 12 and the SEC have 2 teams that are really, really good. But, Texas and Oklahoma are virtually cancelled out by Bama and Florida. At the nextlevel, the UGA-LSU-USC teams are much, much better than Texas Tech, Mizzou, and OK St. The fact that Ok St and TT are still considered top 10 is laughable. TT had to fight off a missed extra point to beat Nebraska at home...

That leaves the bottom 7 teams of each conference. Nebraska, A&M, and Kansas St have the tradition to warrant consideration - however, they are nowhere near the level of Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. The bottom 5 of the SEC includes Tennessee and Auburn, and - all laughing aside - have a lot of talent and are waaay better than an Iowa State or Baylor. Auburn did lose to Big East power West Va at Morgantown, but Kansas also lost to South Florida - make sure you look at every team before making assumptions.

In a head to head, here is who I would pick...

Texas vs Bama - Tex
Oklahoma vs Fla - Fla
Missouri vs UGA - UGA
Texas Tech vs LSU - LSU
Oklahoma St vs USC - Ok St
Kansas vs Ole Miss - Kansas
Colorado vs Vandy - Vandy
Nebraska vs Auburn - Auburn
Kansas St vs Kentucky - Kentucky
Texas A&M vs Tennessee - Tennessee
Arkansas vs Iowa St - Iowa St
Miss St vs Baylor - Baylor

Not a total blowout, but clearly an SEC advantage...

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