Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Spotlight - UNC Tar Heels

The first installment of a spotlight on a particular team whose sport is in season. Today's team, by request, is the UNC Tar Heels...

The Heels currently sit at 5-2 and are 1-2 in the ACC. They could easily be 7-0, blowing a big 2nd half lead to VT and losing in OT to Virginia. The VT loss is the one that hurts the most, because with 2 division losses, UNC must win out and hope VT loses 2 more to win the division.

The season took somewhat of another downward spiral when QB TJ Yates was lost to injury and then Brandon Tate went down as well. Yates has been replaced (and pretty well at that) by Cam Sexton, but the Tate loss takes a big time playmaker off the sidelines. Tate could take it to the house at anytime, and Hakeem Nicks is on his own now as a receiving threat.

I think UNC takes care of BC today, setting up a pretty big game with GT next week. With NCSU and Duke still on the schedule, a couple of wins here could put UNC back on the map and give them an outside shot at a 9-3 season and a decent bowl.

Prediction: W vs BC, W vs GT, L at MD, W vs NCSU, W at Duke

That leaves UNC with a 9-3 season and a likely birth in the Chick-Fil-A bowl vs Ole Miss...

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Anonymous said...

I like it! You definitely understated how big the VaTech loss was...especially with them losing again this weekend. Has there been any bigger two-faced team than this UVa squad this year? Lose 30-0 to Dook and then do what they've done the last 3 weeks? Unreal. -RT