Monday, December 29, 2008

Playoffs Set..

Well, the Birds made the NFL post-season tournament with a pretty favorable draw. Arizona didn't play well down the stretch, but they do get to play at home against our poor pass defense. Fans in Arizona will probably be pumped considering they haven't hosted a playoff game since 1947. I do think that ATL's team is built for the post-season and will win the game Saturday by 7-10 points. This will then set up a third meeting between the Birds and Carolina because Minnesota will take care of Philly. Philly is getting a lot of hype after beating the gutless Cowgirls, but they still lost to Washington last week, tied Cincy, etc and will be unended by AP and the Vikings.

It's hard to imagine Atlanta going to Carolina and winning, but crazier things have happened. The Giants will beat Minnesota and New York and Carolina will play a classic similar to the one last week for the NFC Title. The Giants are learning to play without Burress now, and with their running attack coupled with home-field will make a 2nd consecutive trip to the playoffs.

The AFC is just as wide-open. Indy seems to be a lot better than SD, but the Bolts are playing well right now - Colts by 8. The Ravens, like the Falcons, have a team built to win in the post-season and will beat Miami. Baltimore then will upend Tennessee 9-7 to earn a spot in the AFC Title game. Pittsburgh takes care of Indy and then knocks off Baltimore to win the AFC. The Giants then will defeat Pittsburgh for another Super Bowl for NY.

Any guesses on next year's top fantasy QB's?? My top 10...

1. Brees
2. Cutler
3. Schaub
4. P. Manning
5. Ryan
6. Rodgers
7. Rivers
8. Romo
9. E. Manning
10. Pennington


Beezbo said...

Fantasy QB ratings...

Rivers has proved himself a top tier guy while Schaub has yet to play 16 games in a season.

1. Brees
2. Rivers
3. P Manning
4. Cutler

And then you gotta wait to see if Brady is healthy, where Cassel ends up, what Dallas decides to do with all it's over hyped and underachieving "stars", etc.

Beezbo said...

and don't forget Ty-Thig!