Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Madness...

The field is becoming more clear after more madness yesterday. Bubble teams like Penn State and Creighton cringed when USC beat Arizona St and are rooting hard for Tennessee this afternoon. Maryland played their way in - the UNC, Wake, and Michigan State wins will put them in the field. I think Auburn should be in - you can't always just look at RPI, this team is playing well now and finished very strong. The interesting part will be what the committee does with the Big 10. I would leave out Minnesota, Wisonsin, and Penn State. Minnesota beat Louisville early, but finished 4-6 and lost their last 6 road games including the conference tourney. Wisconsin has a decent non-conference win in Virginia Tech, but UGA also beat them in December. They were a pretty good home team this year, but no NCAA games are on their court. Losing in the 1st round of the Big 10 tourney sealed it for the Badgers.

Here is how I would seed the tourney:

#1 - UNC, Pitt, Memphis, Louisville
#2 - UConn, Oklahoma, Kansas, Duke
#3 - Gonzaga, Michigan St, Missouri, Villanova
#4 - Washington, Missouri, Wake Forest, Florida St
#5 - Purdue, West Virginia, UCLA, Syracuse
#6 - LSU, Clemson, Tennessee, Illinois
#7 - Xavier, Marquette, BYU, Ohio State
#8 - Oklahoma St, Butler, Texas, Utah
#9 - Cal, Texas A&M, Dayton, BYU
#10 - Utah St, BC, South Carolina, St Marys
#11 - Maryland, Temple, Auburn, Michigan
#12 - USC, Creighton, VCU, Siena
#13 - N. Iowa, Cleveland St, Akron, WKU
#14 - SF Austin, NDSU, ETSU, Binghamton
#15 - Radford, Portland St, CS-Northridge, Cornell
#16 - American, Morehead St, Robert Morris, Morgan St-Alabama St

Butler and Xavier losing in their conference tournaments really hurt the bubble teams. Creighton is on the outs if Mississippi State beats Tennessee today. I think St Mary's is in easy and Michigan has the best resume of the Big 10 teams trying to get in.

Last 6 in - Creighton, Auburn, Michigan, Maryland, South Carolina, BC
First 6 out - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Providence, Arizona, SDSU, New Mexico

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