Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tourney Thoughts...

While the 1st 2 days of the NCAA tournament did not produce any monumental upsets, there were still a few surprises in my eyes. The most surprising results were the four ACC schools that decided not to show up for a large portion of their games (BC, FSU, Clemson, Wake) and West Virginia. It has got to be frustrating to be a Wake fan, gutting out the post-Chris Paul years of bad basketball only to think you were back on the map this year. Then, after a #1 ranking in January, you lose in the 1st round of the NCAA tourney and will possibly lose 3 underclassman to the NBA Draft.

Teams that have looked the best? Memphis against MD, Nova vs UCLA, and UConn vs Texas A&M. Everytime I see Memphis, I think about how ridiculous they might be next year. They are in their 4th straight year with 30+ wins now, and could add the top 3 HS players in the nation. Taggert is a junior and will probably stay one more year, but Evans is likely gone to the NBA.

What kind of players have been in the top 3 in recent years? Think about a college team last year with Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose, and Eric Gordon? Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, and Brendan Wright? Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, and Al Jefferson? Or Lebron, Luol Deng, and Shannon Brown? Just goes to show you the type of players that make the top 3 of the recruiting rankings.

But, for this year, UNC with Lawson probably has the easist path to Detroit, but the 3 #1 seeds from the Big East can beat anybody. After seeing Memphis yesterday, they could be there as well. Should be fun next weekend.

Roy Oswalt against Japan tonight in the WBC semi-finals. Evan Longoria was just added to the USA roster, why wasn't he there all along?

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Beezbo said...

Davey Johnson is an idiot. Pinch-hitting Longoria with the wind blowing in from left and the infield in, rather than Victorino (fastest guy on the team) hit lefty vs any of Japan's pitchers. Not to mention, Victorino has been playing in these playoff-style games for 2 weeks while Longoria has been playing exhibitions with Double A guys. When the best excuse the announcers can come up with is "I guess if they're going to fly (Longoria) out here, they might as well use him", then it is not a good idea. Even that idiot Joe Morgan disagreed.