Sunday, September 27, 2009

RSM Top 25 Poll...

Lots of changes this week with Ole Miss, Miami, and Penn State going down. Third straight nail-biter for UGA, but they keep finding a way to win. Lots of ugly games (UGA-ASU, Miami-VT, GT-UNC) due to weather, but still some good football as we approach October. Gotta move Boise up with Oregon knocking off Utah and Cal the last 2 weeks pretty easily...

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Boise State
5. Houston
6. Cincinnati
7. Virginia Tech
8. LSU
9. TCU
10. Iowa
11. Oklahoma
12. USC
13. Ohio State
14. Oklahoma State
15. South Florida
16. Miami
17. Oregon
18. Georgia
19. Kansas
20. Nebraska
21. Georgia Tech
22. Auburn
23. Cal
24. Missouri
25. Penn State

Dropped from poll for obvious reasons: Ole Miss, Florida State, Michigan

Closing in on the top 25 are South Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, UCLA)


Marc said...

California, what a disaster. You get blown out by team who's QB couldn't throw a TD pass in his first 3 games? You have one of the best RBs in the nation and he only gets 16 touches for 55 yards.

I'd leave Cal ranked if they played every Pac-10 game at home, but they've proven that they can't win on the road in that conference. Welcome to the ranks of the unranked, Cal.

Jeff said...

Biggest surprise of the year to me, those Cal Bears losing by 5+ TD's to Oregon. They made Masoli look like friggin' Joe Montana.