Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Links and Thoughts...

Good read from the San Jose Mercury on the Michael Crabtree situation. He is definitely not helping his career or bank account by holding out this long. As the article notes, this is the longest holdout since Bryant McKinnie, who didn't sign until November 1st. For those that don't know, the biggest hold up in negotiations is that Crabtree demands to be paid the slot where he "thought" he should have been drafted, not where he was "actually" drafted. I hope he re-enters the draft and goes in the 6th round.

Channing Crowder certainly didn't hold back when asked his opinion of the UF-UT game today. He used a few choice words when descrining the game and Lane Kiffen.

What a funny story about Delonte West. Did anyone else get this movie scene in their head when they read about D-West and his guitar case full of guns?

The ESPN NFC South blog calls Kroy Biermann the best player in the division you have never heard of. Kroy already has 2 sacks this year, or the same number starter Jamaal Anderson has in 32 career games.

It was also good to see new LB Mike Peterson get an interception in the game last week. That was the kind of "big play" stuff that we never saw from Keith Brooking. In fact, Keith's last NFL regular season interception was 2005.

Miami got the best of GT Thursday night and was pretty impressive in doing so. That's now 3 straight games against FBS opponents where the GT offense has struggled. It seems the key for now is to push your DE's up the field and force Nesbitt to give it to the A-Back, keep it, or throw it. I saw "for now" because I am sure Johnson will have a counter to this very soon.

For those looking for something interesting to focus on during the UGA-Ark game tonight, DE Justin Houston is back from suspension and should give the Dawgs a much needed pass rush from the outside. Rod Battle was injured early last week forcing DT Jeff Owens to play 33 snaps at DE. That should explain some of the lack of a pass rush against the Cocks. Houston is the kind of freak-athlete DE that the defense needs to get some sacks/turnovers.

A couple of pre-season top 5 teams I think might struggle a bit this week are Oklahoma and USC. Oklahoma got a break with Idaho last week and Landry Jones was able to get some game experience. But, Tulsa is pretty good and should be able to put up 20+ on the Sooners. OU can probably ride Murray and have Jones make a few throws to get the win, but this one may take a while to become comfortable for Sooner fans. Also, Washington put up 400+ yards on LSU and may be able to hang with USC for a while. I think this one is less than a 2 TD game when done, maybe 27-14 or so.

On a related note, Ohio State had a big-time emotional game last week against USC and now travels to Cleveland to take on Toledo. Toldeo destroyed Colorado and OSU may be a bit fatigued. This one has a chance to be interesting in the 2nd half...

The 1st RSM top 25 poll of the regular season will be on here tomorrow evening...

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