Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Braves back in postseason

I guess that's what you call it - the postseason...although the losers of the WC play-in game certainly won't feel like postseason teams.  But, it's nice to be in that game and not shaking our heads at another failed regular season.

The WC play-in game is interesting considering you get to set your roster just as you would for a series, even though there's just one game.  So, the Braves for instance, could keep Boscan, Constanza, Baker, and Overbay along with their core guys because there's no need to keep more than 7-8 pitchers for the game.  I'd keep my regular relievers plus 1 starter just in case it goes extras.

As for the starters, it appears Medlen will get the start, which I think is the right move.  Win, and you've got Hudson-Minor for your home games and Maholm-Medlen-Hudson for games 3-5.

Anything can happen in a 1 game scenario, but the Cards are certainly a strong playoff club,  I would guess either Wainwright or Lohse pitches the WC play-in game, but what makes them a scary opponent in the postseason is the possibility of facing Wainwright-Lohse-Lynn-Carpenter in a long series.  Brave post-season foe Carlos Beltran is always a tough out, and we all saw David Freese and Allen Craig hit well in big games last season.

However, the guy that scares me the most is Yadier Molina. He is an outstanding hitter and always seems to come up big for that team when they need him.

I think it's an advantage for the Braves that St Louis hasn't seen Medlen since May 28th and that was as a reliever.  I like the Braves post-season chances, I just hope we get to see them in a traditional post season series.  

I want Friday, October 5th to be a springboard to a Braves run, not a final farewell to one of the greatest Atlanta athletes of all-time.

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