Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lots of CFB stuff to get to...

I have a lot of college football thoughts after week 3, including a few teams that appear to be back to elite status.  USC was mixed in with Bama and LSU this offseason, assuming they were all of a sudden back where they were under Pete Carroll.  Well, having elite, NFL quality skill players doesn't cover up problems on D and the O-line - just ask 2008 Georgia.

The PAC-12 is off to a good start, even if they may not get a team in the title game again.  Oregon St, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon, and even UCLA are off to perfect starts.  Arizona State looks better with Todd Graham and Cal put forth a great effort against Ohio St yesterday.  It's not all good, though,mas Utah fell to Utah St and Colorado was down 55-0 to Fresno in the 1st half.

So, if the Bama-LSU winner is in the title game as most people expect, who are some of the candidates to face them?  In order right now...

1)  Texas/Oklahoma winner - both teams have loads of talent and there is no championship game to get through.  West Virginia has started strong, but I don't think they have the depth to hang with these 2.

2) Florida St - the Noles look very stout and if they beat Clemson next week, they may move to #1 on this list

3). Oregon - They have to go to USC, but they've won there before.  USC could get some help and beat the Ducks twice and squeak in as a 1-loss team.

4). Notre Dame - can the Irish do it?  If they run the table with their schedule, they are in.

5). Bama/LSU loser - it's happened before!

RSM poll week 3

1). Alabama
2). LSU
3). Oregon
4). Florida St
5). Georgia
6)  Stanford
7). Oklahoma
8). South Carolina
9). Notre Dame
10) Florida
11) Ohio St
12) Clemson
13) Texas
14) USC
15) Mississippi St
16) West Virginia
17) Kansas St
18). Arizona
19). TCU
20). UCLA
21). Rutgers
22). Michigan
23). Baylor
24) Cincinnati
25). Northwestern

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