Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can Seahawks overcome loss of Harvin?

Bad news out of Seattle today as Percy Harvin's hip requires surgery and he will be out for a huge chunk of the 2013 season.  So how big of a deal is this for the Seahawks?  Well, with one of the leagues top defenses returning most of its core, the main offseason concern was to improve the offense.  With QB and RB set, an upgrade at WR was an obvious target.  

Acquiring Harvin cost a lot, with a 6 year 67 million dollar contract and a 1st round pick paid out by Seattle.  The Seahawks made the playoffs last year as a wild card team, but hopes they will return to the postseason took a big hit today.

Sidney Rice and Golden Tate had around 50 catches last year, but there is still no game breaker at receiver.  Marshawn Lynch will again be the feature back, but he has 600 carries the last 2 years.  Russell Wilson is terrific, but how will he perform in his 2nd year?

Cliff Avril will bolster the pass rush and Antoine Winfield was a solid pick up for the secondary, but to dismiss the loss of Harvin is a mistake.  There are no guarantees in the NFL and Seattle knew they needed more firepower at receiver and a replacement for Leon Washington at returner.  Harvin was expected to excel at both those roles.

The Seahawks may stay in contention until Harvin returns, they may even be a playoff team without him.  But the thinking that the defense will definitely be top 5 again and the offense will move the ball consistently with coordinators having tape on Wilson now is very optimistic.

This team knew they needed Percy Harvin.  You could tell by the contract he signed and the premium pick Minnesota received.  I can't see Seattle brushing off this injury and steamrolling through their schedule as fans in the pacific northwest are still predicting.  

The NFL gives teams two main ways to improve their teams in the offseason...the draft and free agency.  Losing an acquisition like this that costs a lot of cap space and a first round pick is not something you brush off - it's the type of acquisition that leaves you out of the postseason.

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