Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday quick hits

Trade deadline will be central here tomorrow, check in for analysis of all the moves and see who is set up for a strong run this fall.

But for today's quick hits...

 1). I don't think Andre Johnson is getting his due as an all time elite receiver.  Maybe because he's not the best "Johnson" WR of his era and doesn't play for NY/Dallas/NE.  Anyway, he has 3 of the top 25 receiving yards seasons in history, more than the other Johnson, Rice, or anyone else.  Pretty good.  Another year like last, and he's in the top 15 all time for yards.  If he was a Cowboy, we would hear about him constantly, too bad he plays for the wrong Texas team.  His QB suffers from this too, as Schaub is almost identical to Romo in terms of stats.

2). Who I think are the top 5 best teams coming into the 2013 college football season... 5). Ohio State.  4). Oklahoma State 3). Georgia 2). Stanford. 1)  Alabama

3). Story came out today that Adrian Peterson is predicting he will break Emmitt Smith's rushing record in 2017.  I haven't read the article, but I'll make my own prediction based on what I know about RBs in the NFL.  He's at 8,849 at age 27 and is about 9,500 shy of Emmitt.  So...quick math, AP is expecting that in the next 5 years he will average right around 2,000 yards.  Peterson is the leagues best back right now, but is on the wrong side of his prime and has only 1 season so far above 1,760 yards.  Further, last year was his 1st time starting 16 games.  I'll say that at the end of the 2017 season, AP will have 16,150 yards - ahead of Barry, but not quite up to Payton and Emmitt.

4). Top 5 Fantasy QBs for 2013 - 1). Rodgers 2). Brees 3). Ryan. 4). Newton 5). Griffin

5).  A big congrats to Starr's Mill High grad and Royals prospect on his promotion to AAA on Monday.  He responded in his 1st game as an Omaha Storm Chaser with a home run.

Looks like their is Bud Norris news, time to get set up for the trade deadline!

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