Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Nuggets...

According to, Francoeur is available and is being shopped around. I brought this up a few weeks ago and now the idea that we may be ready to part ways. Considering the contract extension that Frenchy turned down, this may not be for the better.

Leave it to the WNBA to come up with "worst gimmick" of the year to get attention off the recent brawl. Anyone excited to see how Nancy Leiberman performs tonight in her comeback? I am about excited about this as I was when I read that Mike Hampton "felt great" during a bullpen session.

The only way the Brett Favre story ends well is if he stays retired. Each day I become more and more convinced he is going to find a way to play again - and it doesn't look like that will be Green Bay. Wow.

Former Dawg Phillip Daniels tearing a knee ligament in the 1st drill of the 1st practice goes to show you that guys like Devin Hester and Ryan Grant are smart in getting all they can when they are healthy, valuable assets.

There was a very weak free agent class of pitchers last off-season in baseball, but that didn't mean the decisions were less important. Take Seattle and St. Louis for example. Both needed to sign a starter - Seattle gave Carlos Silva 4 years and 48 million and St Louis gave Kyle Lohse 1 year and 4.25 million. Through Wednesday...

Lohse - 12-2 / 3.35 ERA
Silva - 4-12 / 5.62 ERA

How good is CC Sabathia right now??

A few non-stories ESPN is throwing at us today...
- Iraq will not compete in the Olympics
- A bunch of WNBA players are suspended
- Two buddies of Tim Donaghy are headed to jail
- Apparently there is a bike race going on in France

Speaking of ESPN, I watched the SEC media days on ESPNU today and found myself screaming in exuberance as they showed UGA highlights. The one downside to the CFB season? Mark May bashing UGA any chance he can (still bitter about finishing #2 in 1980) and Kirk Herbstreit downplaying UGA as a threat to Florida and LSU (still bitter about losing 1993 Citrus Bowl).

Ra'Sean Dickey is now off to Europe, leaving GT with only 9 scholarship players for this season. Next years recruiting class looks good and that is good news for Hewitt's job status.

Prediction: Bobby Bowdon and Joe Paterno will never retire. One will die, then the other will either
a) retire at the end of current season if leader in all-time wins
b) coach until either dead or leader in all-time wins

First overall pick in the MLB Draft Tim Beckham has gotten off to a rough start. He is 13 for 72 so far with only 2 extra base hits (both doubles). Good for a .181 average.

The AL is setting up a great post-season similar to what we had in the NBA's Western Conference this year (but not quite that good). The Yanks surge could put them in the playoffs with Boston, Chicago, and LA. All four teams have won World Series titles this decade.

How good could Oakland be if Billy Beane wasn't forced to trade away everyone that approaches arbitration? In the past 5 years he has traded Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, Dan Haren, Rich Harden, etc. - and, Huston Street is currently on the block.

16 Days until Falcons pre-season football!

Make sure you read below and comment on the Hawks situation. Just watched their summer league game on NBA TV against the D-League all-stars. Don't forget about Acie Law IV - he may break out this year.


Beezbo said...

The only way the Brett Favre story ends well is if he joins another team, and that team ends up losing to Green Bay in the playoffs. That would be awesome. Go take some more painkillers and throw some more picks. I'm looking forward to Peyton breaking all of these records that Favre recently broke.

Jeff said...

I haven't pulled a 180 on any athlete like this since McGwire. I hope Favre goes to Minnesota and they go 7-9 and miss the playoffs and GB wins the Super Bowl.