Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline is here...

As I mentioned in this blog, Tampa Bay is in a unique situation this season. They are a small market club that has never competed for the post-season. Add in the fact that they play in a division with the Yankees and Rex Sox, the Rays need to do all they can to make a run this season. However, for some reason, it is looking like they will stand pat.

Why? Adding any of available player regardless of position (Lohse, Bay, Dunn, Fuentes, Ohman, etc) would improve their team. Boston was just swept by LA and Tampa's lead is now at 3 games heading into August. Don't hang on to every prospect just because you don't think the deal is fair. Go get somebody and try and get to the playoffs for once. I would be so ticked if I was a Rays fan. Just ask Indian fans if you can count on your young, talented team to compete year in and year out.

The Griffey trade doesn't make Chicago that much better. He and Konerko have both struggled this year and Griff doesn't cover ground in center like he used to.

The Manny Ramirez rumored trade certainly doesn't make Boston better, but they HAVE to get rid of him. He is a cancer right now and is taking longer to get to 1st base than somebody on a chess team.

I really hate this trade for Florida. Why trade Hermida for a 2 month rental? He is only 24 and has yet to peak. The Marlins must realize the NL is up for grabs and with 2 titles the last dozen years, why not take another shot.

On the Braves front, Minnesota is apparently willing to part with a starting pitcher for help at relief pitcher, 2nd base, and 3rd base. How about this deal? Omar Infante, Kelly Johnson, and Will Ohman for Nick Blackburn. Blackburn is a 26 year old rookie that is 7-6 this year with a 3.69 ERA. Then, the Twins could bring up Liriano to fill Blackburn's spot in the rotation while getting help at all their positions of need. Atlanta gets a starter as they try and build for next season...

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Jeff said...

That a boy Andrew Friedman!! I am officially rooting for Tampa to win the East now!