Monday, May 17, 2010

The fall of Jeff Francoeur…


Those are your April 17-May 17 stats for Mr. Francoeur. That hot start is way behind him now and his season average is down to .217 with an OBP of .277. Throw in the 3 walks from the April 17-May 17 stretch and his OBP for a full month (99 plate appearances) is .151.

So much for the whole change-of-scenery-will-fix-his-problems theory. He is still the same old Frenchy. How long can he last in New York with these numbers? Not too long ago, he was in the top 5 all of the MLB in OPS. Now, he is right back where he has been the past few years - In the bottom 20, right between Drew Stubbs and Casey Kotchman.

Only 16 players with over 100 at bats this season have a lower OBP than Francoeur. One thing Jeff can take from this list is there are many former All-Stars that are having much worse seasons.

How about Aramis Ramirez? He has hit at right at a .300 clip over the last 5 years. In 2010, he is .167 through 138 at bats with only 3 home runs.

Jose Reyes? Did placing him in the 3-hole in April get in his head? He is hitting .221 with 0 home runs and only 8 walks in 145 at bats.

Carlos Lee is hitting a steady .199 with 3 home runs and only 8 walks in 136 at bats.

See Jeff, things could be worse. However, in New York , it can get worse in a hurry…

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