Friday, May 7, 2010


It's always cool to see walk-off grand slams. Andre Ethier had one last night, and even though the game was tied, they are still pretty sweet to see. There are a few in Braves recent history I remember, and some others that stick out.

Remember back in 2001, when the Braves were a lock to make the postseason and owned the Mets? I barely do either. But, that year, the Braves hit 2 walk-off grand slams to beat the Mets in one summer. Javy Lopez had one off of Armando Benitez and Brian Jordan had one off John Franco. Those were the days...

The most recent walk-off grand slam was Jeff Francoeur off Chad Cordero in 2006. One of the most memorable was David Eckstein off Chris Reitsma the year before that. In fact, that was the only walk-off grand slam in 2005. That was right in the heart of the Chris Reitsma-is-terrible-and-can't-get-hitters-out-anymore-era.

Of the 45 walk-off grand slams since 2001, there is a disturbing number of Ex and current Braves on the list of pitchers to serve them up.

Esteban Yan
Billy Wagner
Pedro Borbon
Danys Baez
Joe Borowski x 2
Chris Reitsma
Julian Tavarez
Bob Wickman
Jorge Julio
Jesse Chavez

Shows how many bootleg relievers have come through Atlanta the last 10-15 years. Thanks to for the cool stats.

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