Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baseball season winding down...

How would you like this guy in your starting rotation?

2nd in the league in starts made
17th in innings pitched
18th in strikeouts
18th in ERA
In 24 of his 33 starts, he gave up 2 runs or less

What would you say about this guy? Borderline #1 starter and a strong #2 on a playoff team? I agree.

The pitcher with these stats for 2010 is Tommy Hanson, yet for some reason, he has not won over the majority of Braves fans as a front-line starter.

I know he gave up 8 in Cincinnati in May, and 9 against the White Sox in June, but look at the big picture. He has had an outstanding season on the hill for the Bravos.

Check out this comparison: Hanson vs Tim Lincecum

Starts – 33 to 33
Starts giving up 2 runs or less – 24 of 33 to 24 of 33
Starts giving up 5 runs or more – 5 of 33 to 5 of 33
Innings pitched – 212 for Lincecum to 192 for Hanson
Strikeouts – 231 for Lincecum to 187 for Hanson
ERA – Lincecum 3.43 and Hanson 3.41

Pretty close numbers for Hanson when compared to a 2-time Cy Young award winner. The Padres just lost and it looks like the Braves will be in San Fran next Thursday. Hopefully Hanson, Lowe, and Hudson can carry this team to the NLCS, because the injury depleted offense will not likely carry this team very far...

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