Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 25 and BCS predictions...

After yesterday's games, I am becoming more convinced that Ohio State is going to run the table. The road tests at Wisconsin and Iowa look much more winnable after both teams were exposed yesterday. So, if Boise beats Oregon State next week, we are either looking at an OSU-BSU national title game or bedlam.

Other candidates for an unbeaten season? Alabama, Texas/OU/Neb, and Oregon...

I don't think Alabama will go unbeaten. Penn State was an OK test, but they are not a top 25 team this year. Road tests at Arkansas, USC, and LSU along with games vs Florida and Auburn will be tough to get through. A 12-1 Alabama team will be tough to leave out, but if there is a Big 12 or Pac-10 unbeaten team I think they will get in.

Oregon is very under-sized on defense and will have problems stopping Stanford, USC, and a few others in the Pac-10. If Nebraska can beat Texas at home on October 16th, they will have a shot to get in with a Big 12 Championship. TCU will have the loss to Boise last year going against them with the voters, so Boise will have to lose for them to get a shot.

For now, here is how I see them...

1) Alabama
2) Ohio State
3) Oregon
4) Boise St
5) TCU
6) Nebraska
7) Oklahoma
8) South Carolina
9) Texas
10) Florida
11) Stanford
12) Wisconsin
13) Arkansas
14) LSU
15) Arizona
16) Auburn
17) Michigan
18) Utah
19) USC
20) Iowa
21) Miami
22) Clemson
23) NC State
24) Oklahoma St
25) Michigan St


Anonymous said...

No Arizona in your rankings?

Jeff said...

oops. I see it went from 14-16, 15 was where Zona was...

Jeff said...

oops. I see it went from 14-16, 15 was where Zona was...

Anonymous said...

Arizona looked good vs Iowa and even kept them from having one of their patented comebacks.

Fans in favor of a playoff without a horse in the race this year should root for either Ohio State or Oregon (or another Big Ten or Pac 10) team to make the BCS title game, for a second Pac 10 team (Arizona for instance) to finish with 1 or 2 losses, and for Boise, TCU, or Utah to finish high but not top 2.

The Rose Bowl has to take a non-BCS conference team if either the Big Ten or Pac 10 puts a team in the title game. So if Oregon is playing Alabama, and the Rose Bowl takes B10 champ OSU and is forced to take 11-1 Boise, a lot of people out west will be seriously POed if a 11-2 Arizona team is left out of the Rose Bowl. The likely move from there is to have at least a +1 game and guarantee the Rose Bowl gets Big Ten-Pac 10 every year.

These are the things you learn when work is slow.