Sunday, September 12, 2010

College Football in full swing...

Now that the college football season is moving along, we can look back at what we have seen so far and what teams look the best. After watching several games the last 2 weeks, here are some things I have seen so far.

1) Ohio State is well on their way to 12-0 and a spot in the title game
2) Rich-Rod looks like he wants to keep his job after all
3) Alabama has not fallen off much on defense and they get their top defensive player back next week
4) Having a veteran quarterback playing at home is a huge advantage
5) The ACC is in for another long season
6) Boise will run the table, but the VT loss today will not help them get to #2
7) Oregon and Stanford are the class of the Pac-10
8) Texas is way down from the past 5 years and will lose by double digits to OU
9) As you will see below, I think the Big 10 is pretty good this year

The poll for this week if I had a vote (and I should considering how much CFB I watch)

1) Alabama
2) Ohio State
3) Oregon
4) Boise State
5) TCU
6) Nebraska
7) Oklahoma
8) South Carolina
9) Iowa
10) Wisconsin
11) Michigan
12) Florida
13) Texas
14) Auburn
15) LSU
16) Stanford
17) Utah
18) Arkansas
19) USC
20) Miami
21) Arizona
22) Notre Dame
23) Air Force
24) California
25) Houston

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William Satterwhite said...

It's a little bit under the radar but I wouldn't be surprised if the Oregon/Stanford game in a few weeks doesn't decide one of the spots in the National Championship game. I'm ashamed to say I haven't paid enough attention to know if Cal is legitimately a very good team or just benefiting from a soft early schedule (is Colorado that bad) but USC looks like they have serious defensive issues, the Cardinal or Ducks could very well run the table. The Rose Bowl committee might hate this but I'm predicting a Pac 10 vs Big 10 title game.

As for the ACC, as a fan I'm obligated to pull out my usual excuse- the conference only looks bad because the expected top teams all had a bad weekend. BC, Clemson, Wake, Maryland and NC State are all still unbeaten and each of those schools have a factor working in their favor (great coaching, great qb, great playmakers, etc...) that one (or more) of those schools could end up with a 10-win season. Virginia Tech, Miami (take away two special teams TDs and that game is as big a blowout as FSU's) and FSU were obviously overrated and serve as a perfect example of what's wrong with preseason polls.