Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interesting Numbers

The Kansas City Chiefs recently locked down Jamaal Charles with a 5 year deal worth over $30 million dollars. Jamaal has split time with Thomas Jones in the backfield this season, but still has racked up over 1,000 yards and about 6 yards per carry for the second year.

Think about that for a second…6 yards per carry in the NFL as a running back, and Jamaal is just shy of 200 pounds. In comparison, Barry Sanders highest yards per carry in his career was 6.1 in 1997, and Barry had no other seasons of higher than 5.7 ypc. In fact, Jamaal can join Jim Brown this year as the only players with 2 seasons of over 1,000 yards and a higher than 5.85 ypc.

Jamaal still has some time to go before his feats will be recognized in the NFL record books. The NFL requires backs to have at least 750 carries before their ypc will register on the record books. Who is the leader as of today? Randall Cunningham at 6.36. – Who is the highest running back on the list? Mr. Brown at 5.22 comes in at #2.

It is also interesting to note that the single-season leader in ypc is Michael Vick, with an 8.45 average in the 2006 season. Vick also has the record for a single game with a minimum of 10 attempts in the infamous Minnesota overtime game in 2001 with 17.3.

So, with 449 career carries and a 5.9 ypc career average, sometime in the 2011 or 2012 season, barring injury, Jamaal could take over the #2 spot behind Cunningham, just ahead of the great Jim Brown.

But, he may be in a race with Vick. He has an astounding 7.0 ypc in his career with 635 career attempts.

It appears the days are numbered for Randall Cunningham as the top QB and Jim Brown as the leaders in NFL yards per carry. The Chiefs may have gotten a steal at only $32 million...

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