Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interesting Stat...

Now that the college football regular season is complete (minus Army/Navy), it is always fun to look back at some of the final stats for the season. One that struck me this year as interesting is the final numbers for QB Rating. The final national ranking for QB ranking for the quarterbacks that led their teams to BCS games are (assuming at-large births):

1) Cameron Newton - AU
3) Ryan Mallett - ARK
4) Scott Tolzein - Wisconsin
5) Andy Dalton - TCU
7) Andrew Luck - Stanford
12) Tyrod Taylor - VT
14) Terrell Pryor - OSU
21) Darron Thomas - Oregon
27) Landry Jones - OU
113) Zach Frazer - UConn

I know the Big East was down this year and had a lot of mediocre teams, but 113th out of 115 in the nation in QB rating? Amazing what the guys at UConn did with a strong D and the legs of Jordan Todman (4th in the nation in rushing yards).

Final RSM Poll

1) Auburn
2) Oregon
3) TCU
4) Stanford
5) Michigan State
6) Wisconsin
7) Ohio State
8) Arkansas
9) Oklahoma
10) LSU
11) Oklahoma State
12) Missouri
13) Nevada
14) Boise State
15) Virginia Tech
16) Texas A&M
17) Nebraska
18) South Carolina
19) Alabama
20) Mississippi State
21) West Virginia
22) Utah
23) Connecticut
24) Florida State
25) USC


William Satterwhite said...

It's interesting to note that Geno Smith of West Virginia comes in ranked at #22, which wouldn't seem too out of place here. If anything, that highlights the fact that West Virginia really dropped the ball when they blew their game against UConn, if the Mountaineers were the Big East representative to the BCS, I doubt there would be as much fuss over that as their is with it being UConn.

hawkfever said...

Really, I disagree with your rankings. It looks to me like you are very bias towards ACC teams. You must be an SEC homer. You need to spend time on better research.

Jeff said...


What SEC teams do you think should not be ranked and who should be in their place?

Also, what ACC teams are not ranked/ranked high enough in this poll?