Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bowl Projections

The BCS championship is all but set if Auburn and Oregon win next week, with TCU and Wisconsin next in line if either of the two fall. The other BCS bowls are not quite as clear with many non-conference champions having a good case for an invite. The Rose Bowl has to take the highest Non-AQ school per the new rules, so Wisconsin/TCU looks like the match-up there.

The ACC winner (FSU/VT) will head to the Orange to take on the Big East Chamption. The Big 12 winner, say Nebraska, will go to the Fiesta Bowl to play Stanford. I believe Arkansas has earned an at large bid to the Sugar Bowl to take on another at-large selection, Ohio State.

Sugar - Arkansas/Ohio State
Rose - TCU/Wisconsin
Fiesta - Stanford/Oklahoma
Orange - VT/UConn
BCS Title - Auburn/Oregon

RSM Top 25 heading into Championship Week

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. Nebraska
10. Oklahoma
11. LSU
12. Oklahoma State
13. Missouri
14. Nevada
15. Boise State
16. Virginia Tech
17. South Carolina
18. Texas A&M
19. Alabama
20. Mississippi State
21. West Virginia
22. Florida State
23. Utah
24. Northern Illinois
25. Arizona


Anonymous said...

From what I've seen from a couple of sources, the Fiesta gets last pick for bowl spots and will no doubt be stuck with the Big East champ.


Jeff said...

That is correct that the Fiesta gets the last pick. I think the Orange passes on Stanford and takes the Big East champ thinking they will sell more tickets to an east coast team.