Sunday, November 7, 2010

CFB thoughts...

Put me on record as believing the new BCS contract that will replace the current system as we know it will be the plus 1 system. This requires very few tweaks to the current system and essentially adds 1 more game to the college season. It is very similar to Final Four Saturday in basketball and will give 4 teams a shot at playing for the title.

I've written on here before how this system would work very well most seasons.

However, we are stuck in the current system for the next 4 bowl seasons, and how much better would this year's bowl season be if we had the plus 1 system? There is a lot of football to be played, but think about this scenario...

We'd have the high-flying Oregon Ducks, still on pace after yesterday to break the 2008 Oklahoma Sooners scoring record. The Auburn Tigers with the likely Heisman winner and SEC record book darling Cam Newton. And, the 2 underdogs from smaller conferences that are trying to prove they can play against the big boys.

January 2nd - #1 Auburn vs #4 Boise State & #2 Oregon vs #3 TCU
January 9th - Winners play for the title

There would still be controversy with the smaller conference unbeaten teams getting a chance to play for it as Nebraska, Wisconsin, Stanford, LSU all would be stating their case after this weekend.

I also think it is rare that 2 non-AQ schools are as good in the future as TCU and Boise are this year. I think both could win the above games and compete at the top of most conferences.

But I digress...

RSM Poll 11/7

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Stanford
6. LSU
7. Wisconsin
8. Nebraska
9. Ohio State
10. Michigan State
11. Arkansas
12. Virginia Tech
13. Oklahoma State
14. Mississippi State
15. Alabama
16. Utah
17. Arizona
18. Iowa
19. Missouri
20. Florida
21. Oklahoma
22. USC
23. Nevada
24. South Carolina
25. UCF

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